If I stay for three more days, I will grow ten kilograms

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China News Network client Beijing On February 12Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, was welcomed to the Winter Olympic Village in Yanqing on Thursday.Bach had lunch in the athletes’ dining hall after inspecting the overall operation of the Winter Olympic Village in Yanqing.Cheng Hong, head of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village, met with Bach via video.”If I stay in your village for three days, I will gain ten pounds. The food here is so good.”Bach was blunt.Bach praised the catering service in Yanqing Winter Olympic Village.President Bach had lunch with more than 200 athletes from different countries and regions in the athletes’ main restaurant. He tasted the roast duck roll made for him by Yang Chen, chef of the Athletes’ Movement restaurant of yanqing Village service guarantee team, and spoke highly of the roast duck and various Chinese and western dishes.Bach said that despite the epidemic prevention and control conditions, he could still feel the sweet smiles and enthusiasm of the staff, even though they wore masks and face screens. He said that his visit to Yanqing village this time felt good and he would come back again.In the restaurant, he said to the staff: “Athletes eat well to feel good, thank you for the variety of food and delicious food.The athletes are very happy and satisfied and I am very happy and like it.”Bach wrote Feeling Note for Yanqing Winter Olympic Village.”This season is the right time to hold the Winter Olympics,” Bach said before concluding his inspection tour.I love the restaurant in Yanqing Winter Olympics Village, the food is delicious, if I stay here for another two days, I will definitely eat fat.What gratified me most was that I heard athletes from different countries and regions speak highly of yanqing Winter Olympic Village, saying that it has first-class accommodation, first-class catering and first-class service.The volunteers were full of smiles and enthusiasm.I am truly proud of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village.Yanqing Winter Olympic Village hosted 87 delegations, which is remarkable.I am pleased to see that the village has consistently maintained a high level of service to make these Games a success.”Cheng Hong, head of yanqing Winter Olympic Village, met with Bach via video in English.During the Beijing Winter Olympic And Paralympic Games, the catering team of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village will provide catering services for about 1,300 athletes and team officials from 87 countries and regions, and provide meals for nearly 3,600 staff in various fields in Yanqing Winter Olympic Village every day, according to reports.(after)