Cause cancer?No. 1 on the idle list?Air fryer ‘cries foul’

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The air fryer has been a bit busy lately: earlier this year, it topped second-hand trading platform Xianyu’s list of the top 10 “useless” products of the year, followed by claims that it causes cancer and even a boycott by “experts”.Faced with this news, some consumers are wondering: why is the air fryer at home the most useless when there are so many uses for it?Some consumers are worried about whether using air fryers can cause cancer.Air fryers more carcinogenic than regular cookers?From the point of view of safety, air fryers are very “wrong” – the safety of qualified air fryers produced by formal enterprises is not significantly different from other POTS, and correct use does not cause cancer.In short, the argument for “air fryers cause cancer” is that cooking with air fryers produces acrylamide, and acrylamide is a carcinogen.But for this judgment, two points need to be clarified: first, acrylamide in food is produced by high temperature heating, and the heating temperature exceeds 120℃ may form acrylamide.120 ° C is not an “ultra high temperature” in terms of cooking. This temperature can be achieved with an air fryer, as well as with an ordinary iron pan, non-stick pan, oven, etc. Therefore, air fryers are no more carcinogenic than other cookers.From the perspective of food materials, food with higher starch content is easy to produce acrylamide at high temperature. Biscuits, potato chips, French fries, bread and other products belong to this category.In other words, making fries with an air fryer might produce acrylamide;Acrylamide is also produced when French fries are made of traditional iron or stainless steel.Second, it is unscientific to talk about toxicity without dosage. There is no sufficient evidence to prove that acrylamide contained in ordinary foods can cause cancer.The question of how much acrylamide in food is likely to cause cancer remains unclear: JECFA, a joint panel of experts from the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, concluded that there was insufficient evidence to establish a “safe level.”Thus, normal use of a qualified air fryer does not produce more carcinogenic food than other cookers.For acrylamide, including the National Health Commission and other authorities have two recommendations: one is to avoid continuous long time or high temperature cooking starch food;Second, promote reasonable nutrition, balanced diet, change fried and high-fat food diet.Air fryers are useless?So, functionally, is the air fryer the most useless?This is a matter of opinion – 10 ‘useless’ annual “goods” list, after there is a net friend evaluation air fryer is the fate of the “idle die, or busy dying”, because in some consumers in the home, the air fryer is equivalent to “+ + + burn oven, microwave oven dried fruit machine dryers” such as a combination of a variety of kitchen home appliance.In fact, to answer the question “What does an air fryer do?” it helps to look at how an air fryer works. In terms of production technology, an air fryer is closer to an oven, but it has more than one feature: it has an internal fan.Fans increase heat transfer efficiency by allowing hot air to flow and increasing convection.The air in the oven is also heated, but there is no increased flow of air inside, making it less efficient than an air fryer.So, some users have experimented with air fryers and ovens and found that they can cook sweet potatoes of the same size much more efficiently with air fryers than with ovens.At the same time, some consumers take advantage of the fast heating characteristics of the air fryer, air fryer used in drying “moisture” food, reheating cooling dishes, heating bread and cakes, have achieved good results.And air fryers use less cooking oil and are healthier than traditional frying.However, the uniformity of air convection can affect how well you heat ingredients, so there are some differences between brands of air fryers, and between air fryers and ovens.In addition, some consumers left air fryers idle because they found it “troublesome to clean.”Many of the cooking ingredients in the air fryer contain oil, such as chicken wings, beef and mutton, etc. The oil generated during cooking will stick to the inner wall of the air fryer and increase the cleaning step.There are tips for air fryer enthusiasts: Choose a split air fryer, in which the basket is separated from the inside of the air fryer.It is easier to clean the basket and tank individually than to clean the tank as a whole.Second, when cooking food with high oil content, baking tools such as tin foil and silicone paper can be used to collect the excess oil generated during cooking, so as to reduce the cleaning burden.He has been doing a fitness card for 23 years. Zhao Jiaoli, a member of the consumer Protection Commission, has been called off for advocating rational consumption of gold foil food.The three departments strictly check the illegal behavior of food containing gold and silver foil powder.Old-line five-star hotels will be closed for renovation, many political stars have been to cross-border logistics and experienced price increases in the middle of the journey, the Consumer Protection Commission to fix the problems of the silk and silk | I do practical things for the people when you are burning the heater to watch TV series, we used the heater to bake a skewers!丨 “review