Property market big news!Another provincial capital lowers the threshold for house purchase

2022-07-28 0 By

A few days ago, Lanzhou issued several Measures to Further Optimize the Business Environment by Implementing the Strategy of Strengthening the Provincial Capital (No. 1).One of the measures includes lowering the threshold for individuals to buy homes, with minimum down payments of 20 percent for a first home and 30 percent for a second home.The measures include four “hard measures”. One is to optimize approval and speed up project development and construction.Second, reduce the burden and support the virtuous cycle of enterprises;Third, enhance efficiency and strengthen project service guarantee;Fourth, stimulate vitality and promote the healthy development of the market.In terms of stimulating vitality and promoting the healthy development of the market, several measures are proposed as follows: 1. Lower the threshold for individuals to purchase housing.The minimum down payment for individuals buying their first home through commercial banks and provident fund loans should be no less than 20%, and the minimum down payment for second homes should be no less than 30%.2. We will reduce the burden of individual housing consumption.We will increase the issuance of personal home mortgage loans and guide financial institutions to implement preferential policies on loan interest rates in accordance with regulatory regulations.Financial institutions will implement the first-home loan policy for families who own a house and have already paid off the purchase loan and reapply for a loan to buy a house to improve their living conditions.3, to increase housing provident fund support.Individuals buy housing through provident fund loans, the maximum amount of provident fund loans for single workers is 600,000 yuan, 700,000 yuan for double workers.The combination of provident fund and commercial bank loans will be implemented across the board, and online channels of “repaying loans” will be expanded to reduce the repayment pressure on employees.4. We will increase housing security for talents.New talents will be provided with housing security such as physical security, purchase subsidies and rental subsidies.We will support new citizens in buying homes.New citizens and flexible employment personnel are encouraged to establish and pay housing accumulation fund. Those who pay housing accumulation fund in Lanzhou shall handle housing accumulation fund withdrawal and loan business under the same conditions as the employees who pay housing accumulation fund in Lanzhou.To support the housing demand for filial piety and elderly care.Support will be given to adults working and living in Lanzhou who need to bring their parents and other close relatives to live in Lanzhou, and their families will be allowed to purchase a new house within the restricted area.Families with two or three children in line with the national family policy will be allowed to buy a new house within the restricted area.(Official website of Lanzhou Municipal People’s Government)