Fengtai: Strictly implement “one inspection a day” for wholesale market and cold chain personnel

2022-07-28 0 By

Bo LAN, deputy head of Fengtai District, said three new confirmed cases had been reported in the district between 16:00 on January 27 and 16:00 on January 28. All of them were control workers and had been transferred to designated hospitals for treatment, bo said.Confirmed case 1: Risk control worker, current address: Unit 2, Building 38, Wanliuyuan Community, Yuquanying Street, Fengtai District. She has been staying at home for the past two weeks and occasionally went to the small square downstairs to buy vegetables. She was quarantined at home on January 20.Confirmed case 2: The contact person of confirmed case is an employee of southwest Suburban Cold Storage Logistics Company. Since January 15, he has been living a regular life and walking to and from work every day.His current address is Unit 4, Yuquanying Yard 212, Yuquanying Street, Fengtai District. He was quarantined at home on January 19 and transferred to a centralized isolation point as a close contact person on January 21.Confirmed case 3: Contact person of confirmed case, stevedoree of southwest Suburban Cold Storage Logistics Company.In the past two weeks, I have walked to and from work, had meals in Huaxing Restaurant for many times, and did not go out for the rest of the time.His current address is Unit 4, Yard 212, Yuquanying, Fengtai District. On January 21, he was transferred to the centralized isolation point as a close contact person.Bo LAN said fengtai district to strengthen social risk prevention and control.We will strictly strengthen management of key places such as restaurants and supermarkets, and earnestly implement measures such as “scanning codes, temperature measurement, registration, and wearing masks correctly”.We will take a precise and rigorous approach to the prevention and control of people in the market and distribution sectors, strictly implement the “one day inspection” for wholesale markets and cold-chain personnel, comprehensively strengthen the prevention and control of imported cold-chain foods and fruits, further implement nucleic acid testing and preventive disinfection measures for imported goods, and effectively close various loopholes in prevention and control risks.In addition, Fengtai District comprehensively mapped the information of the elderly over the age of 60 in the control area, established point-to-point accounts for pregnant and pregnant women, opened a 24-hour medical hotline, designated two hospitals for children and newborns as designated medical institutions, and optimized the treatment process for infants and young children.Fengtai District Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital was designated as the designated hospital for personnel in the containment and control area, and 21 community health service institutions in the area were designated as health monitoring institutions for people quarantined at home, notifying residents of their contact numbers in time and doing a good job of answering and explaining.The smart home medicine platform continues to carry out online diagnosis and treatment, online prescription, home delivery and other services.Urge all medical institutions under their jurisdiction to strictly implement the first-visit responsibility system, treat acute and critically ill patients as soon as possible while strengthening protection, and open up a green channel for emergency medical treatment in closed and controlled areas.Beijing News reporter Dai Xuan and editor Bai Shuang