Building strong talent core, IFLYtek creates “Flying Geese pattern” for talent development

2022-07-27 0 By

As we all know, talent is the core competitiveness of development. In the current employment environment, IFLYtek is swimming against the current trend to recruit talents. In the beginning of 2022, iflytek released the “Flying Geese Hero Post” and fully launched the “Flying Geese Plan”.”Wild Goose Array Plan” aims to acquire advanced, sophisticated and advanced talents from all over the world, build strategic fulcrum and wild goose Array pattern, focus on artificial intelligence cutting-edge technical talents and industry professionals with artificial intelligence background, and recruit ten leading talents, one hundred leading talents and one thousand backbone talents.The recruitment program covers areas such as cognitive intelligence, natural language understanding and motor control, as well as smart healthcare, smart education, smart justice and smart finance.”Great companies are those that address social needs, lead technological innovation and drive ecological prosperity.”Iflytek aims to become the “lead goose” in the field of artificial intelligence and contribute to the “Iflytek Superbrain 2030 Plan”.In the 2022 IFLYtek Annual Meeting, “IflyTEK Super Brain 2030 Plan” has been officially launched, meaning to let robots into every family, so that artificial intelligence can understand knowledge, good at learning, can evolve.”Iflytek Superbrain 2030 Plan” has three important stages: from 2022 to 2023, Iflytek will release pet toys and professional virtual human family that can be developed by integrated soft and hard robots;In 2023-2025, adaptive walking exoskeleton robots and accompanying virtual human families will be released;From 2025 to 2030, a companion robot capable of learning and a virtual human capable of autonomous learning will be released.Ai’s help to human beings is the result of the efforts of several generations, which is crucial to the future of mankind. It will be an important engine to promote social progress and sustained economic prosperity in the next decade, with the head goose effect, and IFlyTek’s 2030 plan will undoubtedly have broad prospects.If you can work in IFLYtek, you can see that employees will have very good development opportunities.Iflytek has been deeply engaged in intelligent voice technology for many years, and the “platform + track” has blossomed in many places. The technology leading edge is stable, and the track development is steady and orderly. Iflytek is thriving in consumer, smart education, smart city, smart cars, smart medical care, smart finance and other fields.The obvious advantages of core technology and years of market cultivation have brought considerable development and national recognition to Iflytek, and it has also won numerous international awards.In 2021, IFLYtek won 22 first prizes in 15 languages in the International Low-resource multi-language Speech Recognition Competition, took part in Cityscapes competition for the third time and set a new world record, and won three track championships in the International Spoken Language Machine Translation Evaluation Competition.Won the first prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress Award, known as “The highest Award of China’s intelligent science and technology”…I believe that joining IFLYtek will be a very wise choice to develop in such an excellent enterprise and industry, to participate in leading technology and future innovation, and to promote social progress and development.The mountain is high, the sea is deep, the university of Science and Technology flying Geese array plan, the world heroes and seek common future.