Xiao Zhan, Zhang Yixing “Warm Chinese Year” preheat!The cover of red envelope has become a special gift for Xiao Zhan’s fans.

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New Year’s Day is coming and everywhere is busy.Grabbing red envelope covers has become a trend among fans.The cover of Xiao zhan’s red envelope has become a New Year gift for fans.Fans are scrambling to set alarm clocks.Fans happy, the public number can be worried.The brand that Xiao zhan speaks for people public number is abnormal from time to time.”Why do you feel like you’re doing an abnormal test for an official account?” fans with poor hand speed commented.You don’t say, small new how also have this feeling!”A dream like a Dream” tickets can not grab, red envelope cover is also difficult to grab ah.Small new since thought very fierce, the United States of the United States of hair a red envelope video.Xiao Zhan gives you a red envelope, wish you a prosperous year of the Tiger, leisure and money!Thought I could show it off!Results found that tuhao are very low-key, this is not called “guan Gong in front of the broadsword”!It is said that this is still incomplete…All right!Xiao Xin was deeply impressed.That’s a quick ticket grab for a concert.The Winter Olympics are just around the corner and it’s a big deal for China.As an ambassador for the promotion of ice hockey, Xiao Zhan is also actively promoting it.Xiao Zhan updated the dynamic, released a new look.Wearing a hockey suit, Xiao zhan is full of vitality, handsome and cool.Promotional film with the topic is “hope xiao Zhan semi-permanent modeling”.A sentence “Xiao Zhan semi-permanent modeling” said the heart of the fans ah.In addition to turning into a hockey game, Xiao zhan and Zhang Yixing have worked together to promote a mobile app.Now the fans are happy.Xiao Zhan was invisible for a long time.If it doesn’t, it will.Is there a new show?Why do Xiao Zhan and Zhang Yixing have a stick?Is it for the Spring Festival Gala?Variety shows?Guess together all over, but finally because of the journey of Xiao zhan protect density is too high, also guess a lonely.Lonely lonely bar!Xiao zhan sweet potato, cake is not a little.Fans are used to it.These days because of a game of rumor war, all kinds of online posts are a lot.Small new suggestion everyone, focus on their own, not back to black, wrong mouth!In fact, there are a lot of people who touch Porcelain xiao Zhan these two years. Xiao Zhan studio has rules to deal with similar situations.As fans, we just have to trust Xiao zhan.Believe in Xiao zhan’s ability, I believe he will be able to deal with it.The best fans can do is not to be incited, not to give black fan traffic.If you really want to help Xiao Zhan, take screenshots or record screenshots and send them to the studio when you see abusive people or comments.Professional things to professional people do, fans, focus on xiao Zhan just like it.# Xiaozhan # Reject negativity!No cyberbullying!Let’s follow Xiao Zhan’s immersive New Year, and make the year 2022 full of laughter with positive energy!