Universiade financial security program officially launched!The INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China is making every effort to build application scenarios of digital RMB sports events

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On March 28th, 90 days before the opening of the 31st Summer Universiade, icbc, the first official partner of the Universiade, held the launching ceremony of the Chengdu Universiade financial security Program at tianfu International Finance Center, the central office of the Universiade Executive Committee.At the ceremony, THE INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) announced that it would actively respond to the call of the Provincial party Committee, provincial government, municipal Party Committee and municipal government to “do a good job in preparing for the Chengdu Universiade with high standards and high quality”, and would do its best to provide all-round financial services for the Universiade during the following preparations and competitions.At the event, ICBC jointly launched the Universiade digital RMB hardware wallet, organized and established the Universiade ICBC Financial volunteer service team, created a special station for volunteer service, and officially launched all-round financial security services.Chengdu Universiade is the first world-class comprehensive games held in western China. It is a great responsibility and glorious mission to do a good job in financial services for the Universiade.How to provide safe, efficient, stable and professional financial services?How to create diversified universiade financial scene?How to realize the intelligence of financial security service?The Universiade’s financial security plan provides an answer.It is reported that The Chengdu Universiade will deeply create the application scene of the Universiade’s digital RMB, integrate chengdu’s local historical and cultural elements, the slogan concept of the Universiade, the image of Rongbao and other innovations to launch the digital RMB hardware wallet, and build the “3 · 6 · 5” digital RMB scene.Namely, three core scenes (Universiad Village, event venues, main media center), six application scenes (management, accommodation, catering, medical treatment, shopping, travel), five experience scenes (Tianfu International Financial Center, Chengdu University, Donganhu Sports Center, headquarters hotel, Universiad Star catering model restaurant).At the same time, the publicity, promotion and application of digital RMB will be carried out in the closed-loop area through the establishment of digital RMB experience coffee machine, digital RMB intelligent exchange machine, and various digital RMB experience activities of the Universiade.Since the signing of the contract, ICBC has carried out a series of work to serve and assist the Universiade. In terms of “venue financing”, the financing projects of venues and supporting infrastructure for the Universiade have been approved and approved by nearly 10 billion yuan.In terms of “smart network”, the offline service network of “1+3+N” is constructed around universiade village, main media center, event hotels, event venues and other key regions.Build an online service network through the Universiade APP, 95588 Universiade telephone banking special line, mobile banking and so on.Online and offline links to provide a full range of intelligent financial services.Make use of the flexible and convenient payment features of digital RMB, so that international guests can enjoy a more convenient payment experience.In terms of volunteer service, 100 universiade financial promotion ambassadors and 200 Universiade financial translators have been selected to reserve various financial volunteers and foreign language service talents for the Universiade.Industrial and commercial bank of China as the first to participate in the universiade enterprise, since signing to prepare, we will conscientiously implement the party central committee of the State Council and provincial government decision-making deployed to battle the high morale of runoff, continuous combat tenacious style of work, don’t I be responsible for the spirit, go all out to cooperate with the board of sprint service work,Strive to present to the world an international sports grand meeting with Chinese characteristics, the atmosphere of The Times and the style of youth.Do a good job in service and guarantee, and strive to create a good experience of being at home.Continue to serve the universiade events as the core, radiation city as the center, benefit citizens as the fundamental.Actively work with the Executive Committee to construct and prepare for the Universiade, and fulfill the responsibility of the state-owned enterprise for the success of the Universiade.Red Star news reporter Jiang Shan editor Bao Chengli (download red star news, the news has a prize!