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When Zhao Yun saw her holding Jiang Jianguo’s leg, he felt angry and kicked her unceremoniously. “You are so vile and shameless,” he said.If you’re not good at your age, fuck with a man, you deserve to be stuck on a poster when your belly rolls big.Hereafter all don’t come to us jiaojiao, lest teach her bad.”Jiang Miao felt cold in her heart and still clung to Jiang Jianguo, “Auntie, I didn’t. You have to believe me. Zhao Cheng and I are from the same village.Check in!We’re clean.”Being accused by your own mother of seducing your own father is worse than eating a fly.”No date. You brought a man here?””No room. Can you take us here?””Did not seduce, you embrace my man’s leg do not put?””I think you’re a dirty whore who deserves to be paraded out.”Zhao Yun jumped to his feet and screamed curses.Jiang Miao’s mouth was more bitter than eating coptis.She was flurried, unable to refute each accusation.I should have known to kiss and then destroy that bitch.”Aunt, not so, is Zhao Cheng poured my dirty water, I did not…””Why not?What can I see with my own eyes be wrong?Let go, fox!”Jiang Jianguo listened to Zhao Yun’s curse, sword eyebrow deep lock, a face of disgust.”Line, first look for jiaojiao important.””I’m a big girl,” he said. “I’d better save some face for myself.”Jiang Miao looked at their cold and thin eyes, and the voice stuck in her throat burst out.”Auntie, uncle, I’m yours…””Dada!Footsteps came up from downstairs. The door was suddenly opened, revealing Jiang Jiao’s delicate face.”Mom and dad?Why are you here?”Her voice was sweet, her features delicate, her face white, and her eyes bright as if they could speak.Zhao Cheng also saw her come in.Just or female bandits, turn into small white flowers in an instant, but for that place also hurt, he felt a dream!It’s so acting!Trembling with pain all over.”Jiang Miao?Zhao Cheng?How did you two…Ah!Why did your date call me here?This is…”As if frightened, Jiang Jiao blushed and hid beside Jiang Jianguo.”Jiaojiao, did she send you here?”Jiang Jianguo’s tone was very heavy, heavy like a storm.”Rightness!She made me do it myself.”What was jiang Miao’s evil mind? She opened a room with her partner and let Jiaojiao watch the door. His face turned black.”Uncle, it’s not like that, I just…””Ah?!No, no, Jiang Miao didn’t ask me to come. I came here on my own. She said that she had found the materials for review, and I didn’t blame her!”Head on chest, afraid to look at people.Jiang Jiao will be like this when she lies. Besides, she is afraid of the dark and dare not go out once it is dark. How dare she to go out if she wants to review materials?It was foolish of the daughter to be taken in by such a wicked woman.Zhao Yun took a step forward and slapped Jiang Miao hard in the face. “Don’t be ashamed of yourself. A whore like you really brings shame on our family.Zhao Yun’s hand hit jiang Miao so hard that half of her face swelled into a pig’s head.Jiang Jiao poked her head out from behind Jiang Jianguo and glanced lightly at Zhao Cheng. Her eyes were as cold as a knife but without any waves.Zhao Cheng jumped up reflexive, grabbed Jiang Miao’s hair, and kept repeating: “Jiang Miao, you said you liked me, so you asked me to wait for you in the hotel. Now you dare to slander me, I’ll beat you to death!”Zhao Cheng hit her and worked very hard. Jiang Miao screamed in pain, with tears and runny nose blowing wildly. Her face swelled into steamed bread and her eyes were black.Seeing Jiang Miao being beaten, Zhao Yun felt relieved and said, “Serves you right, a bitch deserves to be beaten!”Looking at the two dog fight dog, Jiang Jiao felt comfortable.I want to open my mouth to laugh, but the corners of my eyes shed tears.For the tragic death of his own life, for the unborn child, but also for the drug.Thigh injury drill heart pain, the heart is carefree want to laugh.Wait, this just get back a cent, the previous life owe ️️️️ nine cent debt, will add double repayment.Jiang Jianguo was a man of integrity and looked down on men who beat women. Seeing Zhao Cheng so ruthless, he did not want to stay.”Jiaojiao, let’s go home!””Good dad, come home!”They have a long life ahead of them!Jiang Miao was still under the pressure of Zhao Cheng, and watched Jiang Jiao being escorted downstairs by Zhao Jianguo. Her hatred kept rising in her heart, and her mouth was full of blood, and she fainted.It was a bit cold at night. Jiang Jiao soaked in cold water and couldn’t help shivering.”Cold?Put them on.”Jiang Jianguo took off his coat and put it on Jiang Jiao with a trace of body temperature.Jiang Jiao suddenly red eyes, holding Jiang Jianguo’s hand, thinking of her father’s love for their last life, heart waves of pain.Last life, dad was sent to the hospital, Zhao Yun not only regardless of dad’s death is still outside concubine clip.In this life, she must expose Zhao Yun’s disguise, won’t let dad end up in a miserable end.Closer to the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the criticism of bourgeois thought is not so fierce.Zhao Yun is the most fashionable, and she is willing to spend money on herself.Dacron’s white shirt, paired with a floral dress, was intellectual.All I did was play cards, perm my hair, shop for new clothes.She spends her time dressing up and hardly cares about her.Home eldest brother Jiang Qianqian has been spoiled by the mother, junior high school did not read on dropping out of school, all day with a group of people in the outside, home often asked her to pocket money, do not give a threat, so the eldest brother is still dead.My younger brother Jiang Lin is in the third grade. He studies hard and cares about her sister very much.Occasionally Zhao Yun conscience, to Jiang Lin boiled two eggs, will leave her one.She is reluctant to give up the people who care about her.Is she really not their daughter?How she wished she were!But she remembered that jiang Miao had found a midwife who had helped deliver babies in the countryside and found a photo of her when she was young.Jiang Miao is not like Jiang Jianguo and her husband. On the contrary, she resembles 70% of her grandmother. They both have a big pie face and small eyes.Look at her, who are not like, melon face, pink cheeks beautiful eyes, eye tail with a little red peony, eye wave circulation between the water lines across.Smart as water, and charming as fox, she looks like this, coupled with the development of a good figure, that is not a problem “fox.”No wonder grandma Jiang didn’t like her when she was born. In her eyes, she looked restless.If it were Jiang Miao, I’m afraid she would be hurt to the core.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!