Six months in hospital “burn” 3 million!Is the cost of costly ICU treatment really reasonable?

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Car accident, hospitalized for 6 months, cost 3 million, total cost 500,000 per month.Can you imagine that’s the normal cost of hospital care?Some time ago, an UP host on B website shared a video about “an old man was hospitalized in ICU due to acute intestinal obstruction, but unfortunately passed away after 40 days of rescue”. The video immediately aroused hot discussion among netizens on B website.The old man was hospitalized for emergency treatment because of acute ileus. In life, if sudden ileus is not a very dangerous thing, generally mild disease will not cause death, but if it is an older patient, once suffering from acute ileus, if there is no timely treatment, it will increase the risk of disease.However, the old man had all the unfavorable factors and was directly admitted to the ICU after being admitted to the hospital. Perhaps because of the critical condition, he spent more than 400,000 yuan in the treatment for more than 40 days, which was calculated at an average price of 10,000 yuan per day.400,000 yuan is not a small amount for most families in China, especially for some families with poor economic life, their annual income may be only 10,000 yuan, 400,000 yuan is an unimaginable “astronomical figure”.However, the most frustrating thing for the family of the old man is that the treatment of 10,000 yuan a day did not save the old man’s life. After 40 days of living, the old man still died of illness. This result is undoubtedly worse for the family, which can be described as “two empty talents”.Why is ICU so expensive?For the same department in the hospital, for the same admission treatment, the average ward costs only several thousand yuan a day. Why can the ICU cost reach the “sky-high” level?Where does all this money go?Is such a “cash burn” pricing really reasonable?The doctor of three a hospital “appear to say” : stay in hospital for half a year “burn” 3 million!On the Internet, a doctor from a third-class hospital also “appeared” to share with netizens a real incident that happened in the ICU.In October 2020, zhu, a master’s student at Yantai University, was hit by a speeding shared car on his way back to school with his classmates.Joo was unconscious on the spot and suffered a severe head injury. After being sent to the hospital, he was admitted to the INTENSIVE care Unit for treatment of severe brain injury.From the accident so far, the driver of the accident has not taken the initiative to contact Zhu’s family, but not a cent of the medical expenses, and the driver is a 00, before the accident, he got the driver’s license just full 3 months, but also in an internship rookie driver.And Zhu Mou because of serious head injury, after several times of major surgical operation, has lived in the ICU ward from after admission, the high medical cost nearly 10000 yuan a day, at their own expense in hospital for half a year, the cost of treatment has spent more than 300, with subsequent treatment costs, unknown to Zhu Mou brings heavy economic burden of the family, the family have too much debt.For Zhu’s parents, their healthy son had a bright future and was the pride of the parents. Now he needs treatment after a car accident. I think even if his parents smash the pot and sell iron, they are willing to save their son’s life.But Zhu Mou in the ICU treatment, several surgical operation plus of lie in bed for a long time, the people already like withered, was as white as snow, also only minimally conscious, though out of the danger, but want to live in the future must also rely on years of all sorts of medical apparatus and instruments and a large number of drug treatment, want to return to normal life is a long way off,For the average family, this is like a “bottomless pit” general.After the accident, netizens came to Zhu’s aid. Zhu’s college raised more than 150,000 yuan for zhu after the accident, but that was not enough to cover the high cost of treatment.And zhu east family members only get shared car strong insurance and commercial insurance a total of 398 thousand yuan compensation gold.All the money adds up to only one month’s ICU treatment, and Zhu’s follow-up treatment is increasing by nearly 20,000 yuan a day.Why do hospital ICU rooms cost so much?Many people instinctively wince at the mention of an ICU ward. For many, the most frightening place is the hospital.There are even many people who give up treatment when they hear that they need to be treated in ICU.Just because ICU rooms are notoriously expensive in hospitals across the country.So why should the ICU charge so much for the same place that saves lives?Is there something fishy here?First, let’s understand: what is ICU?Many people have the impression that most of the patients who can be admitted to the ICU are “dying”, only “breathing”, so the condition is extremely critical, requiring medical staff to rescue treatment without stopping.However, the ICU ward of the hospital has been closed all the year round, and the slogan forbade entry at will is posted outside the door, and even the patient’s family members are not allowed to enter. However, the medical staff, no matter male or female, come out of the ICU ward with solemn face, unsmiling face, and walk with wind.When the family members outside the door anxiously stamp their feet on the spot outside the door, it is not easy to expect a nurse or a doctor to come out from inside and inquire about the patient’s condition. The medical staff either wave their hands with a blank face or say nothing with a heavy face, and quickly close the door of the ward again.That’s why the ICU ward is more frightening to many people than the mortuary, making it a detour to the hospital.For patients and their families, this place is terrible, but for the doctors, the ward is to provide patients with severe or coma isolation and equipment, to provide the best care, comprehensive treatment and medical combination, early postoperative rehabilitation exercise therapy, joint care services such as place, the inside of the medical staff can say is the “elite” in the hospital.What kind of patients can be admitted to the ICU?We can often see similar episodes in some movies and TV dramas: the XXX character had a car accident and was rushed to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, he was rushed to the ICU by the medical staff. Even some characters with only slight arm bleeding were sent to the ICU.Therefore, many people have the misconception that if I have enough money, I can go directly to the ICU and receive the best medical care and the most authoritative and advanced treatment.Is this really the case?It’s not, you know, it’s not just anyone who wants to get into the ICU, it’s not just people who have money to get into the ICU, you have to meet the requirements.Although the ICU charge varies from hospital to hospital and the scale is also different, according to relevant online information, ICU mainly treats the following types of patients: 1. Severe trauma, major surgery, and the need for continuous and rigorous monitoring of vital indicators and supporters.2. Those who need CARDIopulmonary resuscitation.3. Failure of one organ (including heart, brain, lung, liver and kidney) or failure of multiple organs.4. Patients with severe shock, sepsis and poisoning.5. Patients who need monitoring and intensive treatment before and after organ transplantation.As a result, not all patients are admitted to the hospital and are admitted to the ICU. If the patient’s medical condition is not serious and not life-threatening, the ICU will not admit the patient.Second, if the condition is very serious, and even if admitted to the ICU cannot be salvaged, ICU will not accept.Why are ICU rooms so expensive?Where does the money go?In 2005, the high cost of medical treatment in Harbin, with 67 days of hospitalization, cost more than 5 million yuan in ICU.Also because of this “sky-high” treatment cost, so the patient’s family and hospital had a serious medical dispute, also became the most influential medical dispute case in 2005.In the first half of 2020, per capita savings were about 64,600 yuan, according to central bank data.The ICU in life for millions of treatment is relatively rare, but the cost of hundreds of thousands of special common, and the Internet for $ten thousand a day isn’t crazy, more can reach thirty thousand yuan a day, that is to say, 64600 per capita deposits, in the ICU ward can live more 6 days, less time to live only for two days.A single ICU treatment can leave ordinary families in debt and bring middle-class families back to pre-liberation times.Why are ICU rooms so expensive?Where does the money go?1. Expensive medical equipment.We should not look down upon any kind of medical equipment in the hospital, even if it is the “self-service registration machine” in the outpatient hall of the hospital, a price between 8000-30000 yuan.All the medical equipment at the ICU bedside is the most advanced in the hospital, including ventilators, ECMos, and blood filters, which are billed from the moment they are turned on.For example: ventilator: 1000/24 hours.ECMO (artificial lung) : it costs 60,000 yuan to start up, 20,000 yuan per day after that, and the conservative estimate is 100,000 yuan after the whole treatment.Hemofiltration machine (artificial kidney) : the maintenance cost is between 7000-8000 yuan per day. Doctors will use it according to the patient’s condition. Some will use it for 3-5 days, and some will use it for 10 days and half a month.These three medical machines are among the most expensive in the ICU. They cost a lot of money to maintain once they are used on patients.2. It takes a lot of manpower.As mentioned above, the medical staff who can be admitted to THE ICU can be said to be the elite of the hospital, and they are not comparable with the medical staff of the general department in terms of medical skills and services.In a formal hospital ICU, the standard allocation of a bed is three nurses, one patient and one attending physician.If the situation is critical, 2 specialist respiratory therapists +1 clinical pharmacist may be assigned.Because the symptoms of patients who can live in the ICU are serious, medical staff need to record the patient’s physical data indicators 24 hours a day and monitor the patient’s condition all the time. For patients with extremely serious conditions, doctors have to keep consulting and researching treatment plans.Therefore, the medical staff working in the ICU, work pressure is very high, the intensity of work is very high, in fact, the mental pressure is no less than the patient’s family outside.In addition, the number of ICU medical staff is not many, but the demand is large, so the hospital manpower loss is also very large.3. Expensive drugs.In medicine, there are some special and rare diseases that need special drug treatment. For example, the world’s most expensive unit price drug is Zolgensma for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), which can reach 2.125 million US dollars, equivalent to about 13.48 million YUAN.For ordinary families, who can afford such a high cost of medicine?Fortunately, this drug has been introduced into China’s medical insurance system this year, with the price reduced to more than 30,000 yuan per injection and the reimbursement of medical insurance, bringing new hope to countless families of patients.As a result, patients admitted to the ICU will be treated according to the seriousness of their condition. Some of the drugs are imported and not covered by medical insurance. If they are frequently used during hospitalization, the price will become more and more expensive.Why are people so afraid of the ICU?Is ICU scary?I think for terminally ill people, it is not only the “medicine” to save lives, but also the “knife” to kill.The reason why people are so afraid of hospital ICU is that it is not only suffering patients, but also a disaster for their families.1. ICU does not allow family members to accompany patients.When patients are wheeled in, heavy doors separate them from their families.Ward door medical staff are racing against the clock to save the lives of patients, in order not to be disturbed, but also to create a sterile environment, can only put the family members isolated outside.The family members were waiting anxiously outside and could not see the situation in the ward, so they could only guess. For the family members of patients, they had to worry about their wallets in addition to the safety of the patients, which was undoubtedly a double suffering and torture both physically and mentally.For patients, the closed management of ICU makes them feel very lonely, depressed and unable to release, which doubles their pain.The ICU ward is easier to get in than out.A lot of people think that once they’re in the ICU they’ll never get out, that it’s easy to get in, and it’s very difficult to move to a regular ward.In fact, this is a common misconception about ICU in hospitals. Medical staff will try their best to save every patient admitted to ICU.The medical staff will monitor the patient’s condition every day, and once they find that the patient’s condition is stable or even improved, they will voluntarily ask the patient to be transferred to the general ward.In fact, it is tempting for hospitals to get patients under control and get rid of the ICU because there are so many patients in the hospital every day and there are only so many ICU rooms.The epilogue.This leads to the conclusion that there is an explanation for why ICU charges are so high.The cost of medical equipment and labor is very precious, so the ICU costs are justified.But with the gradual improvement of health insurance, ICU costs can be reimbursed at a certain rate.Therefore, family members should not obstruct the patient as soon as the doctor tells them to send the patient to ICU for treatment, which will cause more serious consequences if the patient is delayed.In a word, human life is fragile, do not know when to leave.A healthy body is more important than anything else. Take good care of your body at ordinary times.