Pay attention to these points of health online class

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Affected by the epidemic, the city’s primary and secondary schools recently adjusted to online teaching.Some parents worry that online classes at home take a long time, and children’s eyesight, cervical spine, lumbar spine and so on will be affected.The first affiliated hospital of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics director Liu Aifeng, medical university second hospital ophthalmology director Su Long to parents and students.Correct bad sitting posture in time for online class at home, because there is no constraint of the school environment, some children exist prone or lying down to use electronic products online class, which is not desirable.Parents must create as formal a classroom environment as possible: have tables and chairs of appropriate height, and arrange for children to attend classes in a quiet, well-lit area.The height of the table and chair should be suitable for the child’s height, the seat height should be as high as the calf, and the table height should be suitable for the child’s hands just flat on the table.The child should sit upright with his legs just enough to rest on the floor and his arms spread out for comfort and protection.During class, parents should pay attention to correct the child’s sitting posture, do not let the child lie prone on the desk, do not cross their legs, do not sit on the chair.These bad sitting posture, to the child’s neck lumbar vertebrae will have an impact.In addition to learning time, daily habits of sitting and standing posture is also very important, develop good living habits, children will benefit for life.Do not read or use electronic devices while eating, lying in bed or walking.Eat and daily walk to avoid chested hunchback, leisure entertainment when watching TV also want to sit upright, avoid “Ge You paralysis” like crouching on the sofa.Sleeping position is also very important, it is recommended to lie on your back or side, avoid sleeping on your stomach, otherwise it will cause pressure and burden on the neck and lumbar spine.In terms of protecting eyesight, Su suggested that families with conditions try to give their children access to online classes on a large screen, such as a TV or a projector, so as to ensure a reasonable viewing distance of about 2.5 meters.If you can only use a phone or tablet, it is recommended to watch from a distance of 40 centimeters.During the day, the electronic screen should not be facing or facing away from the window, and should be placed in a bright place that is not directly exposed to the sun.When using electronics at night, don’t stare at a glowing screen in a dark room.At the same time, parents should help their children control the time and frequency of electronic use.Generally, a class lasts for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, make sure your child takes a rest for at least 10 minutes.Reading and writing to adhere to the “three one”, that is, the hand from the nib one inch, eyes from the book one foot, chest from the desk a fist.Children at home online classes, also need such a “sense of ritual”.Correct sitting posture is not only good for children’s physical health, but also to protect children’s eyesight.Strengthen physical exercise after school do not sit for a long time.It is best for children to go outdoors in a sunny environment for activities or physical exercise, such as playing badminton, basketball, table tennis.If it’s not too much convenient to an activity, can be in the balcony or home empty position, under the premise of exercising without affecting neighbours, rope skipping, bounce the ball, kick the shuttlecock, interior space such as operating demand smaller physical exercise, avoid sedentary or long time focus on electronic screens showed discomfort of the neck and shoulder pain, also can prevent myopia.Director Liu Aifeng introduced to students and parents about cervical vertebra exercises, which can be done at rest to protect the neck and lumbar vertebra.Cervical spine exercises 4 movements, morning, middle and evening three times a day, each group of movements to do 30.Main points of action: legs apart and shoulder width, neck to do forward bending and extension, slow movement, a group of 5 seconds;Looking back at the moon (neck up 45° to see the sky), 5 seconds;Turn your head to look at the elbow (neck down 45° to look at the heel) for 5 seconds.Extend your chest and lean back for 5 seconds.Lumbar back muscle exercises, morning, middle and evening three times a day, each group to do 30 movements.Main points of action: left hand akimbo, squeeze the waist to the right, then lift the arms to the two ears, head, hands were basketball-like, abdominal muscles tightened, adhere to 5 to 8 seconds;Right hand akimbo, left squeeze waist, then lift two arms to two ear side, head, hands are holding basketball shape, abdominal muscles tighten, adhere to 5 to 8 seconds.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: