The first in the country!985 University, leading the formation of a new platform

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Recently, MetaBCI, the first comprehensive open source software platform in the field of brain computer interface in China, was jointly launched by The Institute of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine of Tianjin University, Tianjin Brain Science and Brain-like Research Center, Intelligent Medical Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, Fusui Intelligence, China Power Cloud Brain and other units.BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) means to establish direct central information interaction between man and machine.At present, major countries in the world regard the future as the “era of brain science” and have included brain science research into their national development strategies.As the core application area of brain science, brain-computer interface (BCI) is setting off a disruptive innovation revolution in the field of technology, which will have a huge impact on the development of health care, electronic consumption and other industries.In May 2021, MetaBCI’s signal processing unit beta version was released online on the world’s largest code website in advance, and many research units at home and abroad participated in the trial said:The platform provides a simple and efficient interface for reading brain-computer data sets and a unified information preprocessing process, realizing the automation of data reading and processing, and ensuring the flexibility of researchers to modify key steps.It is understood that after the tianjin university joint China electronic information industry group jointly issued a noninvasive brain machine interface calculation and collection chip dedicated “brain speakers” C and D series, independent research and development of domestic high-performance eeg acquisition system “effort” viewing – also obtains the national medical device registration certificate, the core hardware accelerated the pace of innovation and development,MetaBCI’s launch is an important step in the direction of a general platform for the underlying basic software of BCI in China.”We hope MetaBCI can fill the gap in the open source software platform of brain computer interface in China, and collaborate with more researchers and practitioners to enrich and improve the platform,” said Professor Xu Minpeng, Vice President of The Institute of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine, Tianjin University, and Assistant Director of tianjin Brain Science and Brain-like Research Center.To develop it into an international brain-computer interface open source software platform, providing important support for advanced human-computer interaction, meta-universe and other new technological breakthroughs and the realization of the next generation of brain-computer fusion intelligence.”▎ At the beginning of 2017, Tianjin University set up the “Institute of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine” to further optimize the layout of disciplines and expand medical disciplines.Relying on the first-level doctoral program of biomedical engineering, the School of Medical Engineering has built a “cross-disciplinary platform for combining medical and industrial disciplines” to promote the development of cross-integration between the university’s traditional competitive disciplines such as engineering and science and medical disciplines.The construction of the Hospital of Medical Engineering is guided by major medical needs, the introduction of high-level talent team, aiming at the international frontier of medical engineering and translational medicine, the development of neural engineering and tissue engineering and other related research directions from a high starting point, and vigorously promote the construction of the demonstration platform for the combination of medical and industry and the platform for the transformation of medical achievements.Strive to become a distinctive and influential medical innovation research base and high-end medical science and technology personnel training base in the world.Source: Tianjin University.