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The official document must be gradually adapted to go out, you have not changed more than ten drafts, it is unlikely to be extreme.The following is my work experience, only for reference!At that time, I listed more than 50 materials that I thought were ok to write on A4 paper, and then I selected them bit by bit. I really selected the materials that were helpful for the application of the project and in line with the requirements of the overall target school.How to write a PS manuscript?The first step is to construct the outline of the content of the article: The outline can help you determine the main line of the content of the article, and closely follow the main line throughout the creation;In addition, the outline allows you to organize your content clearly.The second step is the creation of the opening: in fact, just like the movie, the preview determines whether the following content can attract fans’ interest or not.Recruitment officer reading a ps article is only a few seconds to tens of seconds, the opening is the key element.In addition, the key of the opening is to give the main line and establish the theme for the whole article.For example: What are the driving forces for you to want to attend this program?If it’s a PhD program, it’s a faster proposition to cut through the topic directly. For example, you can use a scientific research program you’ve participated in as a breakthrough point, since the admissions officer only focuses on what you’ve done and what you’ve been able to do.If you don’t have a particularly good writing line, I generally highly recommend the following commercial insurance: 01.In the second paragraph, why do you apply for the technical major 03?Four, five, six section: to apply the technology professional what did do a good job in advance to 04. Section 7: do a good job in the early going to apply for other colleges and universities, the advantages of other institutions where is the third step, behavior main body: after the main line clear, don’t try so hard to write writing, what are you going to use your added to your main material?This is also a question to be considered in the main part, which generally includes three levels: job development potential, personal characteristics and project matching degree.Be sure to think, the technical major you apply for is what several aspects of work ability, and whether they have already, according to what material content can show that they have already, these three problems are considered clearly, ps creation of explicit characteristics of excavation is completed.Note: many people will find after writing, the whole article is scattered, not the management system, like a scattered sand.This is because 90% of the applicants have ignored a creative secret of the cultural education from childhood: the middle of the passage and cohesion.The sentences connecting the preceding and the following are written well, and the whole article will become a whole only when the middle of the paragraph is related.The fourth step, the end: the end should once again pay attention to the theme of the content of the article, that is, you expect to recruit officers according to this PS, master your level of characteristics.In addition, you can summarize your own highlights, set off with the theme at the beginning, refocus on your passion driving force for postgraduate learning and training, and explain a very active and ambitious overall goal to end the development.Do not forget to strictly implement their own project matching degree.Most students have the wrong idea about why they choose this program/college, they often seem modest and put themselves too low.In fact, it’s a very unusual idea.In turn, there should be a fair and collaborative relationship between the applicant and the project.On the applicant’s side, you choose this program because it is highly compatible with your career goals;From the aspect of the project, a student with outstanding development potential who is likely to become a future economic leader will undoubtedly make outstanding contributions to the reputation of the project.In that way, the first version of your original manuscript will be basically finalized. The next thing you need to do is to change it and keep changing it. Here I still have to complain that the original document should be written by itself as far as possible, and it is not necessary to be lazy.