Spring opening ceremony of Jinhong Middle School 2022

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Jinhong Middle School 2022 spring opening ceremony Taurus with winter, Fu Hu to send spring.On the morning of February 18, 2022, all teachers and students of Jinhong Middle School gathered on the playground to hold the opening ceremony of spring 2022.President of Jinhong Middle School Li Hongyan, principal Meng Qinghua, Party branch secretary Cui Xiaobing, middle school branch principal Zhang Wenlong, primary school branch principal Zhang Guofeng, high school branch vice principal Wang Zhenyi, political and education director Li Hao, logistics director Shao Hongke, Human resources and finance section chief Shi Xiaoyu and all teachers and students attended the ceremony.I am a teacher of Hand3D. I will focus on quality, be insatiable in learning and tireless in teaching, improve efficiency, learn from teaching and strive to create hand3D brand.I am a student of Hande SANwei School. I want to take the achievement as the goal, seek truth and be good, study hard and practice hard, be efficient and outstanding, have both moral integrity and ability, and strive for the prosperity of the motherland!Li Hongyan, chairman of the board, started from gu Ailing’s example of the Winter Olympics, hoping that students could see the direction of their efforts from her struggle.Then, yuzuru Hanyu insisted on hitting 4A, and Yiming Su decided to challenge the highest difficulty, which made us feel the shock of challenging the limit and breaking through ourselves.Encourage students to take the bull by the horns and grasp the nettle in the process and take the initiative to control their own life.President Li Hongyan hopes that students should take a positive attitude towards study, life, failure and frustration.Turn difficulties into challenges and challenges into growth, just like the seedlings in spring, constantly absorb nutrients and seize the time to grow yourself, instead of complaining, waiting or lying down!Meng qinghua, principal of Jinhong Middle School, proposed to thank those who moved, because every striver is worthy of respect, including every teacher and student in Jinhong Middle School.The new semester has arrived, day after day, year after year of struggle, let everyone know the importance of persistence, your persistence, will be beautiful.Then quote su Shi once said, “in the ancient times, those who made great achievements were not only talented, but also had a firm and indomitable ambition.”To inspire students to persevere and move forward.Yin Ying, the teacher representative, mentioned that Jinhong Middle School has been widely recognized by students and parents and the society for its strict and standardized management, healthy and progressive campus environment, high-quality teachers and steadily rising outstanding achievements.New semester, new goal, new journey.Jinhong teachers will be more full of enthusiasm, more cautious and realistic attitude into the work of this semester.New semester new atmosphere, new semester new action.Although we do not know how high we will fly in the future, we still have to be confident, firm goal, and march forward.First, we must have the confidence and determination to make progress.Second, we should have clear goals and scientific plans.Third, we should pay attention to the formation of good habits.Finally, through “diligence and seriousness” to complete the semester’s tasks.(Zhang Haifeng, Wei Yingying)