“New Year’s New Atmosphere” Hailin: Gather your heart and open a good bureau

2022-07-25 0 By

Holiday at the start of work, hering forestry co., LTD., various units, departments, quick at work center of gravity, have organized accepting heart “will”, after a further round in “holiday”, let staff quickly accepting heart place, with the new look, new, new energy, new style of devoting themselves to their work, have to ensure that each work, a good step.”The situation is still grim and complex. We will continue to take measures such as screening and registration of migrants, reporting information and disinfecting public facilities to ensure that no one is left behind.”Hailin Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. street office secretary Shan Xiaoxia after the work arrangement after the conference deployment, immediately into the tense work.Community workers quickly went to their respective posts to conduct daily investigation, publicity and supervision of residential buildings, pharmacies, shops and other key areas within the jurisdiction.At the same time, the street office property staff are also busy, road cleaning, district inspection, fault maintenance……They are everywhere.In hailin Forestry Bureau Co., LTD. Convenient service center, every staff are neatly dressed, full of spirit, in order to work, full of enthusiasm, a new mental outlook, to meet the year of the Tiger the first batch of people.”Hello, please show me your health code, travel card…”At the inspection point of epidemic prevention and control in the forest farm of the three tribes, epidemic prevention and control workers wearing epidemic prevention equipment and braving the cold wind conducted checks on passing vehicles and people.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the epidemic prevention and control inspection team composed of Party members, cadres and medical personnel has been working 24/7 at checkpoints, intersections and units to build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control and firmly guard the “health gate” for workers in The Hailin forest region.It is understood that in order to ensure that all personnel in place, in place, in place, the Hailin Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. selected staff to set up an inspection group, focusing on checking whether the implementation of the attendance system is in place, whether to work on time after the holiday, to ensure that the New Year new atmosphere.Source | hering forest reporter | Sun Kai coordinating editor | Wang Chang