Linyi Hafu god beast welcome to inquire, car discount 0.15%

2022-07-25 0 By

This week Hafu god beast latest offer: Linyi Tongtai HAfu 4S shop until April 06 limited time promotion, price 0.15%, such a preferential drop, we must not miss, shop address:Linyi City Lanshan District Mengshan Avenue and Shuangling Road intersection south 100 meters road east promotion time from April 06, 2022 to April 06, 2022 Hafu God Beast latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Linyi quotation 1.5T Zhizun version 14700 thousand 0.02 thousand 146,800 thousand 1.5TSmart collar version 130,000rmb 0.02rmb 129,800 RMB 1.5T Smart enjoy version 130,700RMB 0.02RMB 136,800 RMB 2.0T Smart Zun four-wheel drive version 160,700RMB 0.02RMB 166,800 RMB 2.0T Smart Zun version 150,700RMB 0.02RMB 156,800 RMB 2.0TWisdom enjoy version 14700 yuan 0.02 yuan 146,800 yuan