Let’s go to the Winter Olympics.

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Looking forward to, looking forward to the beginning of spring this day, the Winter Olympics has finally come!At 8 PM tonight, the much-anticipated Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off.Beijing, will become the world’s first summer and winter Olympic Games “double Olympic city”!How to better understand and experience the Winter Olympics?What are the events in the Winter Olympics?Where are the venues for the Winter Olympics?What are the black technology of the Winter Olympics?There are winter Olympics special train, competition equipment……These can be found in the book let’s Go To the Winter Olympics.Book in hand, direct to the Winter Olympic Games!
The Winter Olympics are both a sporting event and an educational opportunity.Children walk into the world of ice and snow sports, enjoy the fun of sports, build up their body and mind, and let the Olympic spirit self-restraint.Let’s Go to the Winter Olympics is especially suitable for children and teenagers to read independently.The three-dimensional structure in the book makes all kinds of winter Olympics scenes and sports more interesting.Children will be more impressed by the game after reading the book.”Let’s Go to the Winter Olympics” was also displayed in the core area of the Olympic Games in the Xinhua News Agency’s workshop in the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics, bringing the Story of the Beijing Winter Olympics to the world.During the exhibition, the head of xinhua Winter Olympics reporting team presented the book to Lucia, director of ioc Media Operation department and ioc Press Commission Chairman, and Anthony, former director of IOC Media Operation Department and IOC Press Commission chairman, and received high praise from them.Zhou Jie, deputy director of the Sports Department of Xinhua News Agency and member of the IOC Press Commission, gave books to Anthony Edgar, former director of the IOC Media Operations Department and former president of the IOC Press Commission. Friends, let’s go to the Winter Olympics together.