The year of the Tiger family movie “The Little Tiger Den Heroes” is more adorable than expected

2022-07-24 0 By

The year of the Tiger animated film “Heroes of little Tiger Dun” has a good reputation, with a score of 9.3 on Maoyan and Taopiao, and a 94% recommendation on Weibo.The film presents the adventure growth story and MOE and joy, the Chinese martial arts world and burning and blood, loved by the family audience.The year of the Tiger will see the tiger pier, to give you more than expected wonderful, not to be missed.Tiger spirit to do emotional motivation for children’s family education “little tiger Pier hero” adventure story although happy blood, but it has a very warm and moving emotional core.No matter xiaohudun’s iconic tiger hat or dream of being a biaoshou, his thoughts of his parents lie behind him.Hidden in the bottom of the heart of the family into the tiger dun head on the difficulties of the power, so that many viewers “smiled and laughed and cried”, they have said, “with a happy growth adventure story delivered implicit and persistent Chinese family”, “all obstacles can not shake the determination to meet with their parents, see the end I burst into tears”.This touching is not limited to adults, but also dedicated to the children of a smooth silent family education.Some parents said, “The child looked very invested, was touched by the bravery of xiao Hu Dun and the deep feeling of missing their parents.””My child came out of the cinema and said, ‘MOM, I love you.That is the power of movies.As a very unique “tiger” movie of this year’s Spring Festival, “Little Tiger Dun Heroes” not only has the festive flavor and reunion theme, but also conveys the positive energy of tiger Tiger.In the film, the lively action scenes are very powerful, especially the desert boat, grotto decisive battle and other scenes, so that the audience adrenaline soared, “in one go, very exciting”, “Yang Total dart head flying dragon pan sword burning good blood”.The attitude of xiaohu Dun is also talked about by the audience.When tiger mound repeatedly say “no matter how, I want to send this dart” this sentence, a lot of people because of his indomitable courage and perseverance and feel touched, “in tiger saw a young man used hot combustion drive” and “perseverance, never give up, there is no more blood”, “New Year, we might as well have ‘tiger’ point”.What are you waiting for?Go to the theater and feel the positive power of tiger Tiger.The Chinese New Year family film “Heroes of little Tiger Dun” is in hot release, the Cantonese version of the simultaneous release.The film is produced by Shenzhen Yuanren Animation Co., LTD., Huaxia Film Distribution Co., LTD.(Editing by Abu-Rodi)