English Grammar: What are English verbs?What are some common tied verbs?Learn grammar from Eni

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What are the tying verbs?So what exactly is a linking verb?Hello, MY name is Annie. Today we are going to talk about common linking verbs. First, let’s look at a sentence: I am Annie.I’m Eni.This is a common English simple sentence. In this sentence, the “am” is the “be” verb, which is what we call a linking verb, which connects the subject with the component after the verb.Linking verb is called “linking verb”.Now, Miss Eni will tell you about the four common series verbs: 1.”Am is are were been”, “am is is being used”, “am is being used”, “am is being used”, “am is being used”, “am is being used”, “am is being used”, “am is being used”Look at the sentence analysis: This is my unbrella. This is my unbrella.Those girls are very hard-working.Feel look sound taste smell seem appear are verbs that have to do with the five senses. They are followed by an adjective, not an adverb.You look happy. The rose smells sweet.The roses smell sweet.Become grow get turn fall go….Fall ill go blind go sour go wrongContinue remain to stay keep hold continue remain to keep holdThe weather continued fine for several days.The weather remained fine for several days.He was silent all day.He never stays angry for long.He never paid attention to the angry time: Enie English, click – check it out, check out enie’s video grammar lesson!Ok, those are the common link verbs, but there are many more, so let’s get a grip on the common link verbs!Next, we will talk about the main series structure in simple English sentences.You can also click – video to learn the content of this lesson, this grammar video belongs to – grammar explanation lesson system Learning English with Eni teacher: phonetic alphabet lesson, phonics lesson, grammar lesson, New Concept English volume 1 fine lecture, take you to learn English, easy and easy to learn English!