Cloud communication this chess game, sound network, let lianyun how to break?

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The outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated the implementation of cloud communication in social, education, office and other fields, which has accelerated the development of many cloud communication enterprises.Among them, the sound network is no exception.Sonnet caught up with the expansion window of the epidemic and developed by leaps and bounds.Musk successfully launched the ClubHouse in February 2021, and sonnet, which provides audio and video communication services to the ClubHouse, became popular.After this, sound net stands under the spotlight of capital market gradually.According to data from CIC, In 2021, CSONnet will continue to hold the first place in the global real-time interactive solution market share. According to the two indicators of real-time interactive audio and video minutes and annual revenue in 2021, csonnet’s global market share is 28.5% and 22.9% respectively, far ahead of other service providers.However, there are still a lot of unresolved concerns lurking beneath the surface of sonnet.For a long time, the problem of loss has been the heart disease of the cloud communication industry, whether it is the foreign giant Twilio, or the domestic cloud communication enterprises such as Ronglian Cloud and Dreamnet are in the mire of loss.Take the financial data of Ronglian Cloud in recent years as an example. In 2018, 2019 and 2020, the net profit of Ronglian Cloud Communication was -155 million yuan, -183 million yuan and -500 million yuan respectively.In this way, with the title of “the first Chinese SaaS enterprise listed in the United States”, Ronglian Cloud is still difficult to hide the embarrassment of losses.The same as the domestic cloud communication head ranking sound network, its loss problem has not found a good solution.According to financial data, the net loss of sonnet in the fourth quarter of 2021 was $21.175 million, an increase of 243%;For the full year of 2021, Sonnet reported a net loss of $72,356 million, compared to a net loss of only $3.1 million in 2020.In contrast, the net loss of sound network expanded significantly.As for the loss of this problem, the sound network also showed the main reason in the financial statement, that is, the loss of large customers affected by the double reduction policy.Specifically, it is known that the biggest dividend of sonnet is the explosion of online education industry, which makes sonnet’s PaaS service more useful.However, after the double reduction, big online education clients such as New Oriental, Good Future, Xueersi and Huohuaxinwei have suffered a heavy hit in revenue and have reduced the budget input of relevant services, which means that the money into sisheng’s pocket will also be reduced.It can be seen that sound network is still dependent on the head of big customers, and this kind of big customer business model is doomed to sound network development is affected by big customers.In addition to the above difficult loss problems and excessive reliance on big customers, sound network has been relying on a single business income model has become part of the capital is difficult to optimistic about the key point.From the recent annual report data, in the sound net revenue structure, “real-time interactive services” accounted for up to 98%.All of these, are deepening the outside world’s low profitability of sonnet doubt.Not only, but also Ronglian Cloud, Twilio and many other cloud communication giants are also facing the loss of big customers and difficulties in making money in the post-EPIDEMIC era. In a competitive environment with pressure from many entrants, these cloud communication giants need to prove their profitability to the capital market.According to iMedia, the global network real-time communication market is expected to reach $18.2 billion by 2024, and maintain a high growth rate of more than 40%.It is conceivable that the cloud communication market is expanding, but sonnet is not the only one eyeing this area.At present, the mainstream players in China’s cloud communication industry mainly include vertical cloud service manufacturers, traditional operators and Internet giants, with fierce and scattered competition in the industry.It is worth noting that foreign zoom and Google, as well as domestic giants such as Tencent, Huawei and Ali, have made more and more frequent layout moves in the field of cloud communication in the past two years, and market competition has become increasingly heated, which will inevitably have a significant impact on the development of start-ups such as Sonnet and Ronglianyun.First of all, in terms of technology, Internet giants have outstanding cloud computing capabilities. With the rapid development of various forms of information transmission such as cloud video and online conference, Internet giants are entering the track of cloud communication services with various cloud computing technologies.In the segmented audio and video field, sonnet has a certain technological advantage in the industry, but it has to face the fact that the technological gap between it and the giants is gradually narrowing.On November 4, 2021, Tencent officially released the “Tencent Cloud Vision Cube” audio and video terminal engine at the Digital Ecology Conference.In terms of underlying technology, Tencent Cloud Vision Cube’s quick live broadcasting solution has a delay as low as 800 milliseconds;In terms of clarity, “Tencent Mingmou Ultra Fast HD solution” can improve clarity by more than 30% at the same bit rate, and effectively reduce bandwidth consumption by 45% at the same clarity.In addition, the GRTN (Global real-time transmission Network) successfully constructed by Alibaba Cloud has been able to reduce the end-to-end delay of live broadcasting to the greatest extent.It can be seen that alibaba and Tencent and other powerful players gradually build the core technology in the field of RTC (real-time communication), in the future time, I am afraid that sonnet can not stick to the technology of the city camp.Secondly, at the level of product service, domestic and foreign Internet giants are constantly extending izumo communication business lines based on their own business and cloud services, which have overlanced with the current services of sonnet and other vertical cloud communication manufacturers.For example, Alibaba’s API (application program interface) gateway and SMS service, and Google’s voice compression codec “Lyra” for WebRTC and other video chat purposes.These services either enhance users’ communication capabilities or help users save broadband, and are identical to some of the services provided by Sonnet.Nowadays, all the big companies have their own cloud communication services and technologies. Compared with start-ups such as Sonnet, it is easier for the big companies to take advantage of the flow in the ecosystem to stand on the same starting line as the leading companies in the industry.It is not hard to predict that more enterprise customers will choose cloud communications on the basis of price and value rather than service and technology.The point is, giants like Alibaba, Tencent and Google all have enough money to compete on price, while Sonnet doesn’t have much chance to win in this respect.Therefore, the focus of sound network now still needs to focus on service and technology, strengthening the moat is the core of maintaining stability in the industry.Try to get out of trouble can be seen, sound network is currently facing difficulties are not just the crux of the internal operation model, there are other outsiders challenge.Over the years, the sound network can not be less in product services and technology efforts, broaden the service scene and scope, integration of new technology to set foot in new areas……Soundnet has been exploring wider and newer ways.One, add code to go to sea business, expand business scale.At present, Sonnet has cooperative enterprise customers in various overseas popular scenes such as audio live broadcast and VR/XR remote collaboration.For example, LisPon, an audio community platform in Japan, Shopee, an e-commerce giant in Southeast Asia, The Meet Group, The largest dating social platform in The United States, and Yalla, a voice social platform in The Middle East.According to the official website, as of December 31, 2021, sonnet has registered more than 405,000 applications worldwide.It can be seen that Sonnet has achieved good results in its overseas plan and may not be far away from becoming a truly influential international company.Second, to create a diversified scene, spread the risk.Sonnet’s services have penetrated into a variety of industries, trying to get rid of the problem of relying too much on big customers and putting eggs in multiple baskets.According to the official data released by Sonnet 2021 real-time Internet Conference, its RTE service has covered more than 20 industry tracks and more than 200 scenes, including global pan-entertainment, IoT, education, finance, medical, enterprise collaboration, digital government, smart city and so on.Third, by entering the local universe to emit new sound volume.Founder Zhao Bin’s optimism for the meta-universe has been basically embodied in the new services of Sonnet. According to online information, Sonnet has launched three solutions related to the meta-universe: MetaChat meta-language chat, MetaKTV meta-karaoke, and MetaLive Meta-live.Soundnet is also betting heavily on the development and upgrading of metasurverse technology.According to fiscal year 2021, Sonnet spent $110.7 million on research and development, up 123.6% from $49.5 million in 2020, which is partly related to the establishment of sonnet’s meta-cosmic research team.In fact, sonnet’s current 3D spatial audio technology has enabled users to have a more spatial sense of audio listening, and at the same time is getting closer to the immersive feeling required by the metaverse.However, the final arrival of the metasverse is not certain, and the development of acoustic networks in this field is still full of uncertainties.To go to sea, explore diversified scenes and layout of the meta-universe, the three roads leading to Rome have been opened, and have helped the sound network to achieve certain results.As of December 31, 2021, sonnet had 2,670 active customers worldwide, up 27.4% from 2,095 in the same period last year, according to data.Although it seems unrealistic for Sonnet to solve internal problems and external problems in a short period of time, it may only be a matter of time for Sonnet to get rid of its troubles under the overall favorable market environment of cloud communication.The reason why the overall cloud communication market is depressed is that the dividend of the epidemic has faded. In addition to Sonnet, the development speed of many cloud communication manufacturers, including Ronglian Cloud and Twilio, has slowed down, which is also very obvious in the stock value.Sonnet was valued at $5.06 billion that day, compared with $1.11 billion today.But perhaps this is just a short-term negative for the cloud industry.In the long run, with the continuous popularization of 5G, the low-latency and high-quality network environment constantly gives rise to new scenes such as online social networking and VR/AR, and the cloud communication market may be lifted to a new blue sea. Sonnet and the players of the whole cloud communication industry still have a lot of imagination.In addition, due to the popularity of contactless services under the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce live streaming, telecommuting, online medical services and other industries have become popular and upgraded, and the new demand for cloud communication will also keep surging.As a result, the short-term demand for cloud communications in many Internet industries will gradually become a long-term trend.And IDC China also said that artificial intelligence, 5G, edge computing and other new technologies will bring long-term technology dividends for real-time audio and video.It is certain that the cloud communication industry will not go back to the era of sitting on the bench, and the sound network naturally has infinite possibilities to play beyond normal.Most importantly, sonnet’s current transformation has also improved to a certain extent. Under the bright future of cloud communication, sonnet is still expected to abandon its drawbacks and break through the siege.In addition, as a major player in the cloud communication industry, Sonnet specializes in audio and video fields and has gained certain popularity in the industry.As sonnet’s business landscape and development direction matures, the cloud communication market may reconsider sonnet’s value.