Warning!A man in Hengshui went out without authorization during home quarantine and was detained for 7 days!

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At about 4 PM on February 5, epidemic prevention workers in Binhu New Area, Hengshui, conducted nucleic acid tests on people who had been quarantined at home and found that Wu had violated quarantine regulations by going out without approval, knowing that he was not allowed to go out.According to the investigation: Wu mou, male, pengdu township binhu New District village people, January 25 from Beijing Fengtai District after returning to Hengshui, a residential building in binhu New District alone for 14 days home quarantine observation.In accordance with the spirit of the government’s epidemic prevention and control work notice, the epidemic prevention and control staff repeatedly emphasized that they should not go out during home quarantine, and should stay indoors and contact the staff in case of emergencies.Wu went out to visit relatives and friends for shopping without meeting the required time limit for home quarantine, which caused a negative impact on epidemic prevention and control.According to the law of the People’s Republic of China on Punishment for Public Security Administration, binhu New District public Security Sub-bureau held Wu in administrative detention for 7 days.Strictly abiding by epidemic prevention and control measures is not only a personal responsibility, but also a responsibility to society and others.We urge the general public to protect themselves, abide by relevant laws and regulations, and actively cooperate with the government in epidemic prevention and control.Those who violate laws and regulations related to home isolation and centralized isolation for medical observation will be held accountable.Source: Hebei Radio and TELEVISION Jishi Client Editor: Li Zhicai Liu Fuqing Supervision and review: Wang Qing