There is drama behind the scenes. Mama Boxer laughs in tears. A good movie is worth watching

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Han Xiaoxiao, a flower porter who has a drunken husband, a speechless daughter and a paralyzed father-in-law, decides to save her family by running for the lead role in the movie Mama Boxer.Her kindness and tenacity attract the boxer Feng, knowing that Hanxiaoxiao needs certain boxing skills, he takes the initiative to help Hanxiaoxiao practice boxing, and feelings dark life.In order to win a starring role, Han Xiaoxiao not hesitate to boxing iron bucket, moved the director.But the unspoken rules of the entertainment circle, let Han Xiaoxiao finally lost the opportunity.Instead of being “mama Boxer,” she decided to be a real mama boxer.So she trained hard, sweat in exchange for the opportunity to step into the ring.Facing the formidable boxer Kaka, Hanxiao was knocked down and choked many times, but she managed to make it to the third round.Knocked down again and again, in a tenacious climb up, Cold xiaoxiao go all out, hit a fist.Did you hit it?Win?No one knows.However, Han xiaoxiao became a real “boxing mother” in life. Her father-in-law could stand up, her husband did not touch alcohol, and her daughter shouted “Happy Spring Festival” loudly and clearly.A Feng, on the other hand, continued his journey on a motorcycle.I haven’t seen any of Chen Xiang’s works before, because Mama boxer has a rating of 8.6, so I was curious to check it out and found it was surprisingly good.First, the plot is unconventional.The cliche plot should be that Han Xiaoxiao went through all kinds of hardships and finally appeared in “Mother boxer”, get a new love.But the first bright spot of the story is that Han Xiaoxiao’s efforts are no match for the hidden rules of the money game and she starts boxing in a real sense.The second highlight of the story is that Hanxiaoxiao failed to win against kaka, a powerful opponent in the competition. Instead, her indomitable refusal to give up won everyone’s cheers.But the story always want to give people hope, after all, is comedy, cold smile’s struggle for the rebirth of the family.The second thing that shocked me was that the actors in the film, no goddess, no handsome boy, just like most people around us.In particular, Leng Meng, the actor of Hanxiao, made a great sacrifice in handling and boxing, which was impressive.The film is a mixture of laughter and tears.A group of unprofessional caotai team, let fancy jokes here and there;Cold smile and daughter in the rain hold the head and cry, let the tears also flow hanchang dripping dripping dripping.There is the college entrance examination for ten years of bookworm, for his wife huanhuan, think of and let a person instantly warm full.Adhere to the original, I am the legend of pipe, welcome to exchange attention.# Spring Reviewer #