Students with low grades ask students with high grades to copy homework?The White House recommended “quarantine measures” to China, and China responded

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As The Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year, the United States has not stopped its provocative steps, initially making a high-profile statement that it would not send a delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Then it said it would not let its athletes carry private phones to ensure they were not being “monitored” by China.In the end, they recommended a reasonable epidemic prevention plan to China, asking China to “copy the operation”.As soon as I said it, I was slapped in the face by netizens.State Department spokesman David Price said at a regular briefing that the White House was concerned about the Chinese government’s quarantine and testing policies, and that it had provided the Chinese government with what it considered “very reasonable” quarantine plans, xinhua reported.Price said the measures are not only in line with quarantine needs, but also in line with diplomatic practices.The Words of the White House, but really scared us, we have seen students with poor grades copy the homework of students with good grades, and really never seen students with poor grades shout students with good grades copy their homework.You can ask any dog on the street in Washington how badly the US has done in epidemic prevention. How can you still have the face to impart experience to China?In fact, the United States had been picking on China’s epidemic prevention policy long before Price made his shocking remarks.I don’t know how I got the courage to criticize China’s quarantine measures when I knew I had nothing to do with the novel coronavirus.Of course, people familiar with the United States can see at a glance that the Purpose of the United States to pick on other countries is to divert the American people’s vision and ease the internal contradictions in the United States.As for whether the US epidemic prevention plan can really be copied, anyone with a clear eye knows the answer.According to statistics, the cumulative number of novel coronavirus cases in the US has exceeded 77.49 million, and the cumulative death toll has exceeded 920,000.China, on the other hand, has managed to contain the virus very well, and at the same time, we have a population four times larger than that of the United States, but we have managed to contain the novel Coronavirus transmission very quickly with a very effective pandemic response.The U.S. is trying to turn China into a “second America” by recommending the so-called “quarantine measures.”China’s Foreign Ministry also responded quickly to the White House’s “kindness.”At a regular press conference on January 28, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made it clear that China is the safest country in the world.China’s “dynamic zero-out” policy and epidemic prevention regulations are based on scientific and expert opinions and in line with China’s reality and the who guidelines.Partial message reference source: Chengdu radio and television, overseas network