Go nonlocal go to a doctor, can cure cure submit an expense account?

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Different ground go to a doctor, those who point to is the place that go to a doctor is not him ginseng protect place, do in old home for instance cure card, see a doctor in other place.This situation, it is to cannot use health insurance card directly commonly.But recently a new policy has been issued, some people can be directly reimbursed in different places. Let’s take a look: who can be directly reimbursed in different places after medical treatment?Offsite go to a doctor, how does reimbursement flow go?Different ground go to a doctor, can commercial insurance submit an expense account?What person is different after go to a doctor can submit an expense account directly?According to the previous policy, the need to advance their own medical expenses, and then run back to the insured reimbursement.For example, A’s insured place is Changsha, but she went to Shanghai for treatment.Then the medical expenses in Shanghai should be paid in advance by myself, and then reimbursed by the social security Bureau when I return to Changsha.It’s a lot of trouble running around.But have 4 kinds of person different go to a doctor, want to accord with a regulation only, hospitalization charge can be settled directly: different place places retiree: live in different place for a long time, and household register already moved into local household register personnel, basically point to educated youth this kind of personnel.Long-term residents in other places: their children work in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and their parents come to live with them after retirement.Resident staff in other places: resident staff assigned by the unit to other places for work reasons.Long-distance referral staff: If seriously ill, local medical conditions are limited, they need to be transferred to a large hospital in other places.Come so, much more convenient, what should note nevertheless is: at present can different ground direct settle accounts limits hospitalization charge only, and cost of medical treatment of a few outpatient service does not include inside, still want to submit an expense account according to the means before.However, with the current trend of health care reform and the development of the Internet, we can predict that it will become more and more convenient in the future.Except these 4 kinds of people, others are also reimbursed in accordance with the original way.In most areas, out-of-town medical treatment can only be reimbursed for inpatient and emergency expenses, and the general clinic costs have to be paid by oneself.Reimbursement scope: take the place of medical treatment as the standard, the expenses included in the catalog can be reimbursed.Submit an expense account scale: it is a standard with ginseng the policy that protects the ground, concern with ginseng the scale that protects the ground to set since pay line, submit an expense account and maximum limit, different local policy has distinction.Specific reimbursement rules around the country, you can call the national social security hotline for consultation: 12333.Offsite go to a doctor, how does reimbursement flow go?Resettlement of retired/long-term residents in different places, long-term living in different places, how to deal with different medical treatment ① (must do) in the insured place for the registration of cross-provincial different medical treatment.Put on record on the line: the Internet is developed than before now, a few formalities also can be dealt with directly on the net.Although it has not been opened nationwide, the 20 overall planning regions can already use the mini program for registration and filing: Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Jiangsu Huai ‘an city, Xuzhou City, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hunan, Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Shaanxi Baoji, Ningxia Yinchuan, Xinjiang and so on.The friends of these regions can put on record without leaving home.Offline record: other regions of friends, a little trouble.Take social security card and id card, protect the orgnaization of agency of the ground to ginseng protect, fill in “go to a doctor of different places of insurance of primary medical treatment registers form”, put on record to register basically done.Friendship reminds again, this step must be done, otherwise it will affect reimbursement oh ~② in the “different medical institutions” for medical treatment.If you want to know the hospital is not in this range, you can enter this website inquiry → social insurance network inquiry system (si.12333.gov.cn), choose the top menu “different medical treatment” can be queried directly.③ If you have handled the social security card, the social security card can be used in a normal state.1 if you get the referral certificate, then the application steps are the same.(2) If you do not get the referral certificate is equivalent to going to their own, the starting line will improve, the proportion of compensation will become less, of course, different city policies are not the same, and some cities can not be reimbursed if there is no referral certificate.Different ground go to a doctor, can commercial insurance submit an expense account?We often say that the four commercial insurance — serious illness, life, accident and medical insurance, basically have no restrictions on the region of medical treatment, but most of them have requirements on the level of the hospital, and most of them need to go to secondary and higher public hospitals.In addition, it should be noted that if the medical insurance is insured, the choice is a social security version, remember to first through the medical insurance reimbursement.Many millions of medical insurance regulations, the need to go through medical insurance reimbursement, the rest of the cost within the scope of protection can be 100% reimbursement;If they are not covered by insurance, they can only report 60 percent.Even if you can’t directly reimburse people in other places, you should also pay attention to the collection and preservation of medical information, and then apply for commercial insurance claims after going back to your hometown through medical insurance reimbursement.Although I talked with you today about some general situation, but the health insurance policy is different around the country, for the sake of insurance, before seeing a doctor, call 12333 to inquire clearly.Do not because of some small details on the mistake, resulting in less money to reimburse, or simply can not be reported, that is too penny wise and pound foolish ~