Tomb-sweeping day during the temporary home worship initiative

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The Qingming Festival is coming. In order to cope with the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, eliminate the risk of the spread of the epidemic as far as possible and effectively protect the life and health of the general public.The epidemic prevention and control measures for tomb-sweeping Day are as follows: 1.Travel by plane, high-speed rail, bus and other public transportation is extremely vulnerable to infection risk.Qingming festival is approaching. For your personal and family safety, we suggest that all sages and wanderers do not return to their hometowns temporarily to worship their ancestors, so as to reduce the risk of returning home.If it is necessary to return to your hometown during the Qingming Festival due to special circumstances, please comply with the relevant regulations of Jian ‘ou City on epidemic prevention and control, hold the nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours, and take the initiative to report and implement prevention and control measures as required.Two, advocate online worship, commissioned worship.During the Qingming Festival, the civilized and frugal way of mourning, such as home memorial service and online sacrifice, is advocated. Jian ‘ou City has opened a network sacrifice platform of “Filial Housekeeper” — “Internet + Funeral service”. Citizens can pay attention to the wechat public account of “Jian ‘ou Civil Administration” to conduct online sacrifice.Or entrust local relatives to worship on behalf of the deceased, in memory of the ancestors, the civil affairs bureau will also provide a proxy service, for the registration of families entrusted to worship, will provide free flowers service.(Jianou Taiping Ling Cemetery commissioned the service hotline 15059998179).Party members and cadres take the lead in setting an example.Party members, officials, public officials, deputies to people’s congresses and members of CPPCC committees at all levels should play a leading role in supervising their families and relatives, urging their neighbors to consciously abide by the regulations, and actively urging their relatives, such as those who live in rural areas and do business or work in other areas, not to return to their hometowns for the time being so as to avoid the risk of infection and the spread of the epidemic.Four, prevent risks, enjoy a safe qingming festival.Adhere to good personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, often ventilation, go out less, do not crowd, do not gather.At the same time, strictly abide by the relevant regulations on fire prevention, prohibit in the hilltop, forest, cemetery and other areas prone to fire off fireworks, firecrackers, incense burning, burning paper money, jointly protect the blue sky, white clouds, clear water and green mountains.Be careful in the end, not in the form.In this special period of epidemic prevention and control, the general public and people in other countries are requested to understand, support and cooperate to enjoy a healthy, safe and civilized Tomb-sweeping Day, and contribute to firmly consolidating the achievements of epidemic prevention and control and protecting people’s health.I sincerely wish you and your family, friends and relatives peace, health, happiness!COVID-19 Response Headquarters of Jianou City March 25, 2022 (source: website of Jianou People’s Government)