The Youth League Committee of the Municipal People’s Hospital assisted in epidemic prevention and control

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“Hello!I am a youth volunteer, how can I help you?””Hello!Please wear a mask properly!Have you been out recently?Have you been to an infected place recently?””In order to reduce the spread of disease, please keep a distance of one meter in line, thank you for your cooperation!”A smile, a warm greeting, a subtle gesture, a caring, every day in wuwei People’s Hospital youth volunteer service activities.At present, there are frequent outbreaks of COVID-19 in multiple areas in China, and the COVID-19 prevention and control situation is grim and complex, which has brought many inconvenience to patients seeking medical treatment.For active prevention and control of nosocomial outbreak bringing good services to patients at the same time, the school leadership team to floor youth volunteer in epidemic prevention and control of the “active bear, governs incorruptibly, hold position, positive dedication” initiative, actively engaged in volunteer service activities, arouse the youth volunteer worker to give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role, actively and orderly outbreak control volunteer service,A protective net will be built to protect people’s lives.All young volunteers voluntarily give up their rest time and gather in the “volunteer service area” of the outpatient department on time every day. The director of the outpatient Department will conduct pre-job training and then cooperate with the medical guidance to carry out medical guidance services.In front of the guidance table, beside the self-service machine and at the entrance of each clinic area, league members and volunteers were busy everywhere.They patiently instructed patients to wear masks, assisted patients to use self-service machines and mobile phones for online registration, arranged one meter of waiting in line, and supervised the maintenance of order in the clinic.When meeting the old, young, pregnant, disabled and patients with mobility difficulties, the volunteers of the league members immediately stepped forward to accompany them and offered their love and help enthusiastically.In just one week, a total of 60 youth league members participated in volunteer service, serving more than 500 people.The original aspiration falls on the action, the mission is carried on the shoulder.Since the launch of volunteer service activities, many people have given their thumbs up for the thoughtful service provided by volunteers!In the continuous fight against the epidemic, the youth league members of our hospital have joined the volunteer service team with a strong sense of youth responsibility, and actively led the charge to make the flag fly high in the front line of epidemic prevention and control!