Latest air cut notice!On April 4, natural gas was cut off in these areas of Taiyuan

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Morning: 1. West of Taiyu Road, east of Changzhi Road, south of Changfeng Street, north of South Central (dormitory of Shanxi University, dormitory of provincial Party School, East and West of Zhongfu Courtyard, etc.);2. Around Xinmin Middle Street and Xinmin North Second Street (Jiangnan Fourth Department, Lefulong, The Second Hospital of Shan Medical University, etc.);1. Around No. 5 Middle School of TiSCO (South Community of Chengjia Village, Government dormitory of Xinghualing District, Dormitory of Forest Products Distribution Company, Dormitory of TiSCO Steel Management Plant, Forest Farm Dormitory, North community of Chengjia Village, Gangcheng Apartment, etc.);2. Around The First Lane of Pengxi (Yongle Garden, Xinghuanan Community, etc.);Gas shutdown time 14:30 — 18:00 Source: Taiyuan Natural Gas