I used to think that being indestructible was cool

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Read this quote: In any given year, if you haven’t once disproved your favorite idea, the year has been wasted.Any year that passes in which you don't destroy one of your best loved ideas is a wasted year.When I was in Sanguan Primary School, I felt that my thinking was very mature and I was already a small adult. The building of Sanguan had been built, and it was just a matter of minor repairs.When I was in junior high, I felt like I had undergone a complete transformation. The foundation was completely renovated and the building was rebuilt once again, this time one that would never have to be rebuilt.In high school, I felt like my mansion was being rebuilt all over again, only this time with reinforced concrete, which should last at least 30 years.When I was in college, the “building” was bulldozed by others, and I stood on the ruins of a confused face.After work, I felt among the ruins again. This time I dared not say that there was any mansion, but I was probably just building the wall brick by brick.I love playing games since I was a child. Every time I play games, I am obsessive-compulsive to pursue the perfect start, even if the start is a little bit off, I will not be satisfied.For some business games, I like to put some infrastructure stuff in place at once…Because I was so obsessed with doing it all!I always thought THAT I was willing to work hard for a while in exchange for future comfort — even for a while.In a game, I would be so obsessed with every detail that I would even start over (SL) to create a perfect opening.In life, I will strictly require “infrastructure” and “one-step”.I’d rather have a big, empty house with only one corner than a small house that I can build on the side when I need it.Even two days ago when I read the Tang Dynasty Anthology, I was still thinking that Tang’s three or four years of ideas have been consistent, three views are indestructible, so cool, when can I do this?Something that seemed so reasonable to me last year has been overturned in a year.What I wrote six months ago, I can hardly laugh now…I know this is the result of Don’s rich experience and thinking. I just feel anxious about when I will be experienced enough to read books without always feeling “so reasonable”.When will I be able to have formed three views?Growth mentality During the Spring Festival, I watched the essence of tang’s “Capital and youth” 1, 2, 3, video, in B station.Really down to earth, is 3, I also recommend you to watch, UP the speaker clearly.A small part of it is that the growth mindset and the fixed mindset, the growth mindset and the growth mindset, may cause each other.Fang sanwen said that he was pessimistic and believed that people could not make progress by themselves, and this fixed mentality and fixed circumstances may also be the cause and effect of each other.What does the real world look like?Is there a way for people to have subjective initiative to improve themselves?I’m afraid you don’t know, but people with a growth mindset, even when they get frustrated (and frustration is the norm), don’t blame it on “I’m not good at my roots” — it stops trying;Instead, chalk it up to “I’m just not skilled” or “I need some more knowledge” so that you can keep trying and grow.”Good learning, and the mental models that go with it, are dynamically constructed by this tendency to defensive attributions, that all problems are caused by inadequate knowledge, rather than excessive backward attributions leading to self-aggression and learned helplessness, which is the real core of learning ability,It’s also the model of the mind that is most conducive to growth — the so-called growth mind.””In most cases, intelligence is not the key to most things.The problem is that we believe that we can’t intervene, that we don’t have the ability to deploy, that we need the right kind of assertiveness, hubris, and even self-deception to hedge against it, to make us think that we’re okay, that we can do well, when in fact we always do better.Mental noise is too loud, it is necessary to cover your ears and seize the bell. Learn to be arrogant.”In my opinion, always be curious, always be up-to-date, always keep learning…It’s a really, really cool thing. It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever been — I really want to be a cool old man when I retire.This may be a fantasy, after all, human progress is achieved by the death of old stubborn, Einstein after the age of 40 is also off his hind legs, let alone me a common man?But you have to admit, it’s a cool fantasy.Once again, I recommend Tom to see the essence of “Capital and Youth”, especially 3.The contradiction of one step and keeping growing is now getting into the business, and I find that my subconscious is made up of a deadly set of contradictions.Namely, the contradiction between one step and once and for all and forever growth and lifelong learning.Take a close look at these two ideas. Obviously, the latter is the lower level and more important to me. It is also a newer idea.The former is rather an obsession that comes from adolescence, an obsession that yearns for maturity.It’s funny, when you’re young you want to be shaped, when you grow up you want to grow…In other words, I need to get rid of the “why do I have so much to learn?” or “why are there so many people so strong?” and see my growth as something to be happy about, rather than regretting that I still need to grow.Growth, and growth space, is a worthy of applause.When I see someone who writes a great novel, who writes too beautifully, who has an incredible sense of humor, who has a beautiful body, who speaks well, who has a free fortune, who has a happy wife…And feel that they are a failure, and even feel that they have spent their whole life to reach the realm of others seem to be understated.Pearls and jade in front of fear.However, from a new perspective, each “inferior” is a direction that we can imitate and learn from, a space for ourselves to be better in the future, and an example that we can still grow…What a genius I am!The only good news is that time is definitely on my side!Patience, I hope, is on my side too!Postscript I do not know how you feel about this article, I only know that I benefited a lot in the process of writing.The success of others, for me, is often a kind of pressure, but also a source of inferiority, I often can’t help comparing, even after years of having some confidence, the symptoms are only slightly reduced.The change of concept is not overnight, but I hope today’s article is a seed, eventually can grow a confident towering tree, for my life to rely on – no, I made a mistake once and for all – should be, I will build a lifetime, let the tree grow into my ideal appearance!I also hope that today’s article is a seed in your heart.Finished!Oh, and tomorrow, let’s talk about that “I’m confident I can do it” thing I learned the hard way.I am knead everyone, this is my 342nd written, is he and a small part of ordinary and boring life, but also he and a little progress.Welcome to the public account “Knead everyone” to find me to play.Thanks for reading, thanks for liking.