Childhood is fun

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When we were young, we looked forward to the Chinese New Year. What we looked forward to was eating well, wearing well, and playing well with our friends.The New Year.Not a few days after the Spring Festival, the adults of the village in the wide place to set up a variety of high and low swing, 15, 16 make the Lantern Festival, people from all over the country are here to see fireworks swing.I remember that when I was in junior high school, some of our childhood friends went crazy during the Winter vacation during the Spring Festival.During the day is not playing “glaze eggs” is to go to the river along the “ice ling”, at night is not playing throw “bumps” is playing catch “hidden”…On the ninth day of the first month after the Spring Festival, my father tied a horizontal stick to the two elm trees in the yard and tied a thick rope to build a simple swing for our children.It is said that “swinging” can be afraid of disease, swinging can make people relaxed and happy, exercise the body and will, we do not know how many times a day to swing, you push me, I send you, floating, immortal drunk good comfortable.Lantern Festival this night in order to enjoy the greater joy of swinging, we ran more than two miles to play, fireworks to see, can swing the village to play, people on the way, to the village is crowded everywhere.Stage singing “Guillotine case”, stage and stage interaction warm, applause.Fireworks place, “two kicks”, “three dozen three thudding”, “fire tree honeysuckle sleepless”.”Swing” place, people wait in the swing frame, take turns to play, there are “single swing”, “double swing”, “stand swing”, “sit swing” and so on, swing the highest most beautiful master by the crowd praise, like a runaway horse, more like drinking two or two wine swing like infatuation.We have a group of young men and adults with the Lantern Festival, make more than 10 o ‘clock in the evening before going home.Childhood life is so happy, childhood life is so interesting, I can not forget my childhood, more forget the innocence of childhood.Shandong Heze Peony District Yang Junchang wrote in Yuecheng International