A lot of people dream of time travel, and when they see “Battle of Tomorrow,” it’s so conflicted, they know how ridiculous it is

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The so-called time travel, is through some technology or special reasons, from one time to another time.Let’s go back in time from 2022 to 3021 to see what the future might look like, or to B.C. Qin Shi Huang’s time to see how he burned books and buried scholars.There are many plausible theories supporting this phenomenon, such as time travel;In science fiction, it’s even more so.But the truth is, so far, there is no scientific evidence for a single crossing.Logically, if there is such a theory and technology that we can master in the future, even if we can’t master it today, then there will be a lot of events in the future that travel back to today.But no such event has happened so far, which leaves two answers: one is that time travel is impossible, otherwise it will be mastered 10,000 years from now, 100 million years from now. Why haven’t people seen the future come back so far?The other is that humans are already extinct in the future, before time travel was invented.How long will it take to invent this technology?With the progress and development of modern human science and technology, if it is theoretically feasible, it should not be long.100 years or 1000 years?So did the human race go extinct so soon?As a result, scientists are more inclined to think that time can only go forward in one dimension, rather than backwards and spatio-temporal travel.In this regard, the famous physicist and science writer Stephen Hawking, when he was alive, did an experiment called “time dinner party”, and got the answer that “time travel can not be achieved”.On June 28, 2009, Hawking orchestrated a lavish dinner party in a dining room at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, England. It was full of toast and champagne, with balloons and ribbons attached to the pillars.Dressed in a suit and riding in his special wheelchair, Hawking waited for the guests with characteristic style.Above Hawking’s head was a sign: time Travelers Welcome.The dinner begins at 12 o ‘clock London time with a special guest, not our usual family and friends, but time travellers from the future.So Instead of inviting a modern friend, or indeed issuing any invitation, Hawking quietly waited for future travellers to push through the door.Why would anyone come without an invitation?That’s exactly what the dinner was designed for.Formal invitations were sent after the dinner, so that only future people could be invited, and modern people could not attend.One of the biggest features of the event was the high level of secrecy before and during the dinner.Unlike modern people who require an invitation, or at least a notification of progress, time travellers of the future need not.Because even if an invitation is sent after dinner, even if it’s sent days or months later, a real time traveler could theoretically come along.Because they are at least a few decades in the future, or even hundreds or thousands of years in the future, they can only receive the invitation from historical sources, and if time travel had been possible then, they could have been punctual.This is the biggest baggage of the Hawking time dinner, one that only future time travelers can unravel.Unfortunately, Hawking struggled with his disability and waited patiently and quietly for hours, but no one opened the door.Somewhat disappointed and relieved, he told Ars Technica that the time Traveler party sent out the invitations after it was over, and I waited a long time, but no one showed up.Nevertheless, the experiment was successful, and the conclusion was that time travel was impossible.The conclusion of Einstein’s general theory of relativity was once again confirmed: the speed of light cannot be exceeded, and time cannot be turned back.Many questioned the dinner, saying that even if time travel did happen in the future, it would not be a certainty because Hawking was not influential enough to meet him.Besides, the future is bound to get an invitation code, right?I don’t agree with that.Even if Hawking’s influence was not that great, the dinner made the whole world know after it was over. Hawking and the story of his dinner will surely go down in history.And if there were any future travelers, who would they rather meet than travel back to meet Hawking?Is there any evidence yet of a real future person meeting a great man or scientist?And those Internet rumors about John Tito, Andrew Carlson, Sergei.The Ponomarenko incident, if it’s real, why do you always sneak around and not see the real thing?Besides, why can’t our future children and grandchildren, reading this article, come and see their ancestors in doubt?Tomorrow’s War is an American science fiction film released in 2021. It is set in 2022 when humans travel back in time.One day in 2022, Dan Foster and his nine-year-old daughter were watching the European Championship on TV. Suddenly, the TV went out and a group of people suddenly fell from the sky on the pitch, Shouting: we come from 30 years later, the human race has been attacked by alien monsters, and is on the verge of extinction.Dan, who has served in the army, was selected and asked to support the future through time travel, 7 days, as long as he is still alive will be sent back.Dan said goodbye to his wife and young daughter, after entering the future, he saw a sea of fire on the earth, all the cities were destroyed, just like the scene of hell, the destruction of the human world is a monster called white spike, designed to feed on human beings, the survival of human beings has been very few.On the battlefields of the Future, Dan meets his daughter, Colonel Murray Foster, who has become a renowned biologist and a leader in the fight against the invasion of alien monsters.Dan wanted a cuddle with his daughter, but Murray coolly refused.She told Dan that she hated him because he had changed his character when he returned from the future, abandoned his wife and daughter, and died in a car crash seven years later.Dan and his daughter in the battle gradually thaw their differences, the daughter told him that these monsters exist in many years ago crashed in the Arctic ice alien spacecraft, as the earth’s climate warming, melting glaciers, these monsters wake up and release, from Russia to destroy humanity.Monsters breed fast and are hard to kill.In order to find a way to kill the monster, Dan constantly analyzed the monster’S DNA.In the end, father, daughter and rebel forces desperately capture the female monster, the development of a monster control poison.But countless monsters have already breached the last bastion of human beings, human beings are about to become extinct, unable to produce a large number of toxins to kill countless monsters overwhelming the sky.At the last minute, Murray asks her father to leave her alone and return to 2022 with the toxin sample to create a toxin to kill monsters and save humanity.The monster attacked Dan and his daughter’s hiding place, seized its daughter dragged into the abyss, Dan mournfully looked at her daughter was swallowed up by the monster, in their own will be killed by the monster at the moment, Dan’s task time arrived, was sent back to 2022 modern.Upon his return, Dan, along with his surviving comrades and once-estranged father, creates a toxin, infiltrates Russia’s Arctic ice, explodes it, and finds the crashed alien ship.After a life-and-death struggle with the awakened monster, Dan and his father’s party finally killed the last female monster.The human race finally wins. Dan saves his daughter and the human race and changes the future.Dan and his father returned home, happily embraced by his wife and daughter. His nine-year-old daughter did not know this. Only Dan knew that his daughter would no longer have to face the terrible destruction of the future.1, since people in the future know that it is a monster that destroys human beings, the first appeared in the arctic glacier crashed in the alien spaceship, and can cross back, why not early send an elite army, with high-tech weapons to the North Pole to destroy the source of the monster?Must modern man come to the rescue when extinction is imminent?When Dan meets his daughter, Colonel Mully, at the Future Battlefield, she tells him that he has changed his mind and abandoned them.Dan was shaken up and blamed himself, and there was no way he could go back and do it again.So the last time he went back he didn’t meet his daughter and tell him this?But he was actually only here once. How do you explain that?3. When Dan returned from the future, he destroyed the future white Spike, so there was no future to cry for help, Dan would not have been drafted to fight in the future, he would not have seen his future daughter, and none of this would have happened, and the future would have changed completely.Then why would he travel to the future?How to solve this paradox?According to the butterfly effect, any people back to the present or past, future will change the past, even if a small change, after chaos amplification effect and chain reaction, major changes will happen in the future, so future people may be there is no need to come back, and modern also does not have to reason, this is a paradox, irreconcilable paradox.And that battle, with conventional weapons, not even the surgical missiles and drones that are now widely used, is an insult to intelligence.Therefore, I believe that time travel is an irreconcilable paradox, which can only exist in the fantasy of our own amusement, and cannot be realized in reality. Let’s have fun after dinner. Don’t take it seriously.What do you say?Welcome to the discussion and thank you for reading.Time communication original copyright, infringement and plagiarism is immoral behavior, please understand and cooperation.