40 points and 10 assists in a single game.Liaoning men’s basketball team is expected to play guangdong in the semi-finals

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This afternoon at 3 o ‘clock, CBA playoffs start on time, ranking the first regular season of liaoning earlier and meet the bloody shanxi in guangzhou two days ago, the whole game, shanxi played very strong, in just a few degrees backward situation still gripped the score, but – strong, Asia the first point guard pg is anger chop 40 points and 10 assists,Let us see the wonderful performance of the domestic defender!Once the pg or a dazed and confused counterparts, only know that hit the basket, and less by Chinese fans to serve called serena, however, the national games in 2021, many fans see pg, the evolution of the former pg irritable, poking fun at the referee is the norm, highly stable in long shot let opponents simply guard inside,As the lakers now less, three meters in front of no one, but still while the iron is hot, but in 2021 is a year pg metamorphosis, he took part in the poking fun at the conference, the results are various criticism scold wake up, after that, he completely awakening, not only develop the stability of cic, single-handedly 3-pointers and for Chinese fans to see the hope!Today the CBA playoff quarterfinal face shanxi team, Guo Allen shot 16 in 21, won the high score at the same time, the efficiency value as high as +22, once again confirmed the fans of that sentence, with the long shot Guo Allen, is the CBA first guard!Of course, Liaoning team also not only Guo Ailun played well, Zhang Zhenlin sent four steals, giant panda Han Dejun also took 11 rebounds, another national guard Zhao Jiwei was three of four three-point shot, it was liaoning team all play, to resist the shanxi team again and again attack!But I still want to praise Guo Ailun, he now has a strong atmosphere on the court, not only can attack by himself, but also when his hands are not good, he patiently assists teammates, this is also why I am more confident that Liaoning team top this year, because their core point guard Guo Ailun, has reached the peak of his career!At present, Liaoning team beat Shanxi, the potential in the win!But liaoning team, promotion to the final four is not their goal!Guangdong, our rival on the other side, is also going to war!In fact, I do not worry about zhejiang team, because whether it is the domestic players Before Wu or zhejiang team’s foreign aid, are not a threat to Liaoning!On the contrary, last year’s defending champion Guangzhou team under the guidance of Du Feng, although the full camp of injuries, difficulties, but still advanced to the eight!The scariest thing is that after a round of adjustment, Guangdong team has found its rhythm to defend the championship, if nothing unexpected, Liaoning and Guangdong will again converge on the journey to the semifinals!Who will win the deer?Really, I also can’t guarantee, after all, Guangdong team also has the national guard Zhao Rui, Xu Jie, Hu Mingxuan!It is a powerful foreign aid Weems, big brother Yi Jianlian and Zhou Peng’s seat!This weak Liaoning line can resist the impact of guangdong team also let me this old fans heart give birth to doubts!Last year’s finals still rankles with many fans, but Aaron Guo has given his all!But what liaoning team inside the front line talent is poor, Guangdong team weems to desire!This year, with the guangdong team running in place, Liaoning will fight to the death with them in the semi-final, let us stay tuned!Look forward to our CBA more and more wonderful!Look forward to Guo Allen to prove himself again!