Wang Sicong and Shen Jie spend Valentine’s Day, netizens ridicule the woman’s appearance level, said not as good as Sun Yining

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The star in the entertainment circle may want to take that line is Wang Sicong, after all, the value of someone else has reached an immeasurable state, and with such capital, in the entertainment circle, he mixed is like a duck to water, contacts are very wide.The netizen broke the news that on Valentine’s Day, he met Wang Sicong in Macao. The netizen claimed that the girl beside Wang Sicong was very similar to the current little Internet celebrity Shen Jie. After the netizen exposed the news, the netizen launched a fierce discussion!Wang Sicong is wearing a black coat and casual pants together, really low-key as always, but you know what?The wooden shoe he wore alone cost nearly sixty thousand dollars.The woman next to him showed off her figure in a black coat and short skirt.Although Wang Sicong acts low-key, but his fame is too big, many people recognize Wang Sicong, many people gather around, this scene is quite lively.Wang sicong took a flower in his hand, as if to give it to the girl next to him. He was ridiculed for buying a flower. Netizens said, “It turns out that Wang sicong also knows romance, but he also knows that buying flowers is not practical.Who would have thought that the magnificent Wang Sicong would send such a small flower?How did he get away with it?In addition to this netizen’s chance encounter with Wang sicong, another netizen also met the two of them in a luxury goods store. Wang Sicong was sitting on a chair, looking like an old man.The girl next to him was holding a bag and seemed to be asking wang for advice.Netizens sigh, really worthy of being Wang Sicong!Such a luxury store, even the lowest end of the package value is also above 100,000 yuan, in order to win the heart of the beautiful female Internet celebrities, casually go out, even without blinking an eye, except him, who else has such courage?Wang Sicong recently this period of time seems to have been playing in Macao, he also went shopping with the beauty of the net celebrity, the two people’s life has been quite sweet.People said that they did not know how Wang Sicong’s vision could be so bad this time.Shen Jie gives a person a sense of ordinary, there is no outstanding place on the body, appearance is still ok!However, such Internet celebrities are common in the entertainment industry, and she may not even be 1.6 meters tall.Is Wang Sicong desperate now?Some netizens will sicong around this little beauty Venus Sun Yining and red together on comparison, netizens said, feeling sicong this time really is the wrong man, his side of the gap between the girl and Sun Yining isn’t a packet, Sun Yining have a beautiful, nobody can be compared with red face and somebody else is not net.There are netizens ridicule, claim, may be Wang Sicong sun Yining rejected, confidence can not find back, around the girlfriend for many, but can be comparable to Sun Yining, so far has not appeared!And this time around, the young Internet celebrity has less than 50,000 followers on social media.I don’t know what charm it was that captured Wang Sicong’s heart!The girls around Wang Sicong always change one after another, I do not know how long the girl around him can accompany him?