Out of the semifinals!Men’s 1500m: Zhang Tianyi fell off the track without result

2022-07-21 0 By

The short track speed skating competition at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was back on fire after Zhang Tianyi crashed off the track with four laps to go in the men’s 1,500m quarterfinal, leaving him out of the semi-finals.The Chinese short track team performed well at home, winning two gold MEDALS in the mixed relay and the men’s 1,000m. The Chinese team also has a chance to win gold in the men’s 1,500m.Ren ziwei tops the World Cup standings in the 1,500m and is one of the favourites to win.World Championship champion Hamelin of Canada, Netherlands’ Knaegt, Russia’s Elistratov, South Korea’s Hwang Dae-heon and Park Jang-hyuk are also expected to be champions.In addition to Ren ziwei, The Chinese team also had Sun Long and Zhang Tianyi compete.The quarterfinals are divided into 6 groups, the top 3 of each group will advance directly, the remaining 3 fastest will also advance.Zhang Tianyi in the fifth group, the same group of opponents have Knegt, Henry Hungary, etc.Zhang started the race in second place, but as the race progressed, he moved up to lead with 10 laps to go.After the match two Japanese players pay attention to cooperate with the reverse, Knaegt also took the opportunity to rush to the first, Zhang Tianyi some off speed, ranking fell to the fifth.With four laps to go, Zhang tianyi crashed out of the corner.Knaigat after firmly maintain the lead, he easily get the first, Japan’s Yoshinaga a GUI, Henry row in two or three through the finish line, they ranked in the first three promotion, Zhang Tianyi no results.In group 1, Hungary’s Liu Shaolin qualified with an Olympic record of 2:09.213.In group 3, Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea rose to the lead with an outpass, and he got the first place in the group.