New champion!Coming from behind in the 3-point contest, a center takes over the guard’s “rice bowl”

2022-07-21 0 By

Cleveland all-star three-point contest just ended, the Timberwolves star Anthony Towns, after two rounds of competition, narrowly won the new champion of this category, he became the first center champion of the three-point contest.Left Trey Young and Luke Kennard behind and rubbed a bunch of guards against the floor.Before the event began, many fans did not expect Towns to be the eventual winner.Yang, mills and Fan Qiaodan are winning big heat, after all, they are same and garage, downs as an insider attack all-around player, with the advent of a ball, he also constantly enrich their own Arsenal, the three also successfully developed, offensive means variety also let him get the favour of teams, the league in 3-point contest this time to introduce him,I didn’t expect the weather to be perfect.The ups and downs of Downs in the first round were like duan Yu’s six-vein Excalibur, but his perfect play in the last two points brought him from the edge of the cliff and successfully advanced to the second round.The first appearance is the lowest score of the first round of players – Towns, he appeared on the court as if open hanging general, instant shot into a number of balls, such an operation is really shocked the court of small partners, you think he is going to drop the chain, he still with his strange posture, beautiful arc in the air, the basketball into the net to get 29 points.Trey Young may also feel unprecedented pressure in the face of such a situation, and can even complete the score in his flower point, but Young shaoxia’s heart still fluctuated, or missed, came to the last point, in order to run out of time or lost to Towns, scored 26 points;Kennard, who played so well in the first round that the fans put the final title on him, played almost the same game as Young, missed the opportunity in front of him, resulting in hasty shots in the back.Towns won the three-point contest again after winning the All-Star game.In both categories, guards have a huge advantage when it comes to passing and range, both of which guards must learn, but Towns is the biggest hole in the game.In the Rookie Challenge, the league made it fun, separating the backcourt from the frontcourt and pitting the two different sizes against each other, which helped Towns.Towns is averaging 24.4 points, 9.7 rebounds and four assists with the Timberwolves this season and is 18th in the league in 3-point shooting at 40.9 percent.By the way, the first 17 players are in the backcourt, and towns is out of place.The league put him into the three-point shooting project, or hope that the fans eyeball, give everyone a bright feeling.To be honest, Towns or very strong, regardless of skill or three-point game, have played incisively and vividly, performance is very outstanding.Towns is willing to compete with guards for jobs in the small-ball era.