“Documentary” Messi and Ronaldinho: genius meets genius

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Messi first played against Real Madrid when he was 17 years old.After playing for the first team for the first time, Messi was very keen to continue playing in the first team. Fortunately, ronaldinho, who was in his prime at the time, liked him very much and looked at him like a son.It is difficult for the 16-year-old messi to survive in the dressing room, but some Brazilian players welcome him, especially Ronaldinho, who has a soft spot for him.Ronaldo sat down next to Messi on his first day in the dressing room, and the club’s bosses were quick to accept the youngster and even liked to tease him.In the interview, we can often see each big guy is always teasing this boy.They’ve been protecting him, helping him grow up fast.Coach Leckard also liked the boy very much, coaching him slowly, very patient.Although at that time Messi always complained to the coach why he did not play.Growing up Messi is very grateful to Lecard coach, because he understands that sometimes eating quickly broken bowl, the damage caused is irreparable.When Messi scored his first goal for Barcelona, Ronaldinho immediately ran over and, like a father figure, celebrated behind his back as if he had scored the goal himself.After the game, two people instigated a lot of goals together.Sometimes ronaldinho has an idea for a ball in the dressing room and if he thinks it will work, we will see it in the next game.And for Messi, playing with little Ronaldo is like playing with his neighbors when he was a child, very easy, very high understanding.Messi’s dream at the time was to play for Argentina, but his start with the national team was not smooth.When Messi came on as a substitute in his first Senior World Cup in 2006, he was given the ball and had to be defended by opponents pulling their shirts.Messi was also annoyed when he caught his opponent, only to suffer when he was sent off for just 30 seconds for what the referee deemed a malicious move.He cried in the dressing room afterwards because it was so cruel to him.The gamble cup match between Barcelona and Juventus was an eye-opener for everyone. Messi’s performance in the game was brilliant and showed his talent at the age of 17.On the field, the opponent tried to stop Messi by foul tactics and cut off inesta, another offensive dynamo.Although this game Messi suffered a lot, but even the opposite coach had to admit that Messi is the best player he has ever seen, very spiritual, speed, everything, he loved this player, even to Barcelona coach Lecard can send Messi to him.Lycrard, of course, refused.This game, let the audience know Messi, the audience shouted “Messi!Messi!”Image credit: Documentary “Messi the Ball god”