The report said China’s domestic service industry has much room for improvement

2022-07-19 0 By

(Reporter Yang Zhaokui) Recently, the Credit Research Institute of The Ministry of Commerce jointly released the “High-quality Development Index Report (2022) of China’s homemaking Service Industry” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), pointing out that China’s homemaking service industry has greater room for improvement.The report points out that in recent years, China has introduced a series of policies to promote the quality and capacity expansion of homemaking service industry, actively promote the implementation of homemaking poverty alleviation, and promote the construction of homemaking service credit system. Homemaking service industry has developed rapidly, and its operation scale has maintained double-digit growth.The demand for domestic service has great potential, and the construction of domestic labor export base, combined employment mode innovation, digital innovative application, humanistic care for service personnel, and credit traceability management have developed rapidly.However, the overall index of high-quality development of domestic service industry in China is not high, and the sub-index of development strength, development vitality and innovation momentum runs at a low level.In order to promote the high-quality development of domestic service industry, the report suggests that the quality and level of the development of China’s domestic service industry will be greatly improved by actively responding to the arrival of digital economy, aiming at the unbalanced and insufficient regional development, capturing opportunities in the wave of innovative application of digital technology and seeking benefits from brands.At the same time, earnestly implement the State Council general office on promoting domestic services, quality, and the expansion of the advice, clear the main body of domestic service management responsibility and scope of governance, trading and service security, data protection and content for the protection of consumer rights and interests, encourage platform for leading compensation as well as special cases of joint and several liability to pay compensation, moderate supervision responsibility,Including household service personnel and employer identity verification, the establishment of trade rules, credit evaluation, dispute settlement, rights and interests protection, etc.In addition, it is necessary to improve the professionalism of homemakers, increase the effective supply of homemakers, promote residents to enjoy convenient services nearby, improve the credit system of homemakers, expand employment channels for people in poor areas, and improve the standardization level of homemakers.Promote non-employee domestic servants to sign labor contracts with specialized agencies to ensure that their rights and interests such as working hours, rest and vacation, remuneration, social insurance and scope of domestic service are guaranteed, improve the working environment of domestic servants, and improve their health.