Cost calculation of the machine vision system solution itself

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Machine vision is like “eyes” of the computer system, and artificial intelligence like “brain”, together they have a wide range of applications and use cases, for example, in manufacturing, machine vision can be used to maintain the quality of the products, detect errors, identify the text in the packing, counting objects, etc., according to the survey, machine vision market is huge and growing, by 2022,It will be worth 48.6 billion dollars.How does machine vision work?Machine vision uses sensors and cameras for visual input, and software to train algorithms to extract information from the input. The output is a decision or action.Machine vision uses data as fuel, and the algorithm analyzes it repeatedly until it successfully identifies data based on their similarities.For example, learning a visual model to recognize a defect in a car tire requires identifying tires that meet the criteria and tires that are defective and must be rejected, and distinguishing between the two, which is possible with the help of deep learning.What are the applications of machine vision?1, image classification – image classification refers to the image recognition and classification into some groups or classes.For example, a machine vision system needs to recognize an image of a bearing and understand that the bearing belongs to a gear chain.2. Object Detection — Machine vision can detect damage on assembly lines by detecting objects with its image classification capabilities, without any human intervention.3. Object tracing – Object tracing is performed after object identification and detection is complete.With sequential image and video capture techniques, objects can be tracked in real time.What are the fixed costs of machine vision systems?Main hardware cost is fixed, it includes the basic part of the machine vision system, such as industrial camera, proper lighting, proper software processing system and support structure, the parts of the machine vision system is crucial, if lack of any component, will not be able to use the machine vision system, according to your request, you can choose the price range application parts.What equipment costs do you need to consider?1. Industrial Cameras – cameras used to take images of objects in machine vision systems are called CCD cameras.The images produced by these cameras are clear and accurate. A new family of cameras called dual output cameras can also reproduce the images faster. CCD color cameras are also a new technology that helps computer vision systems better distinguish objects from backgrounds for faster recognition and detection.Image acquisition card – Image acquisition card is a specialized analog-to-digital converter.Their job is to convert video and images into digital information.Through the use of dynamic enhancement and image processing functions, the new generation of image acquisition card has higher stability and accuracy.2. Personal Computers — Machine vision systems have become less cumbersome with the help of personal computers.The inputs and outputs of machine vision systems require processing by today’s generation of personal computers.Such computers are embedded in the hardware that supports the software.They are small and effective.Distributed intelligence in PCS also helps speed up factory automation and is very effective.3. System Software – Software becomes more modular over time.Advanced libraries and superior graphical user interfaces make it possible to develop, design, and maintain machine vision tools through PC operating systems.All the tools and technologies used to support machine vision are also PC-compatible, so there are no integration issues with such tools, and the performance of the system happens seamlessly.4. New technology – Information and data are transferred through high-speed serial data ports such as USB.These technologies enhance the capabilities of machine vision systems, where embedded PCS and powerful digital cameras work together to take full advantage of machine vision systems.Due to the development of this technology, real-time video rates in the transmission of information and data have also been achieved.What variable costs do you have to deal with?Variable costs vary depending on the size of the company, manpower required, and other such factors.For example, machine vision customization is easier and more convenient if the company has skilled engineers, and your machine vision solution can be designed more cheaply, but your labor costs will be high and may vary depending on your business plans and future goals.What is the maintenance cost of a machine vision system?The training data in machine vision systems is stored in the cloud, and if upgrades and hardware changes are made regularly, the cost is not very high, as the integration of AI and machine vision reduces the high computational complexity, which also optimizes the cost.Due to today’s technological optimization, the price of a complete machine vision system can be between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan, including hardware cost, software cost, computing cost and storage cost. In contrast to manual detection, the use of tools and algorithms based on artificial intelligence greatly reduces the cost of machine vision system.The combination of cloud infrastructure and more modular, efficient and minimalist technologies makes this feat possible.Yingtai Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in machine vision industry, and has many successful cases and solutions in the application field of machine vision.Yingteide technology has been committed to the production, development, application and sales of machine vision products, to provide customers with overall machine vision solutions and services, the machine vision technology applied to intelligent production.From: