“Convenience store business record” four: chain convenience store several points?

2022-07-19 0 By

In yesterday’s “convenience store business record”, convenience store owners hope we look at convenience store franchise from multiple perspectives, there is a relatively objective judgment in the mind.Now the vast majority of convenience store chains are inviting investment, that is, looking for someone to open a franchise.Of course, each franchise company’s franchise policy is not the same.Convenience store owners summed up a few different ways to divide.First, we divide the profits according to the cooperation: some convenience store chain enterprises and store interests are bundled together, using turnover share or net profit share.On the other hand, all turnover goes to the franchise owner.The distribution of profits is the most important issue.From the literal perspective, I’m sure many people don’t want to accept the first distribution method, but companies that do have the courage to do so are more confident in their brands.The reason I mention this is that I hope you will pay more attention to these details when signing the contract.There is another way to divide convenience store owners, which is to distinguish according to the control power of the franchise company: some franchise companies are very strict about the control of the store, and do not allow the store to purchase privately.Although some franchisees also advocate unified procurement, they are flexible in implementation.Of course, there is now a loose form of joining, can hang its brand shop recruit, in its platform to purchase a certain amount, a few years ago when the Internet giants into the convenience store industry, most of the adoption of this way.This is just a personal summary of the convenience store experience, with these methods to help you more quickly understand the convenience store chain.