50-year-old woman’s regret: After eating the cradle, I miss my honest ex-husband every night

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When we are young, we always tend to act impulsively and do something that we regret, but as we get older, we really mature and stop doing things that we regret?This is definitely not the case, because when we are older, we are more likely to feel lonely, or think that our life is good now and we have everything, but at the same time, we will feel unsatisfied and want more, so we will be easily confused or cheated.And the old cow eat young grass is such a situation, they always think they can also compare with young people, feel with the other half of the young can also cause they refreshed, seem to have the passion and motivation, is a stupid think the old cow eat young grass is of course, also don’t consider each other for some other reason and you together,They are preoccupied with present enjoyment and happiness.Today’s story comes from a self-confessed fan, Wang Meili.I am already 50 years old this year. I have a happy marriage and no family conflicts, and my children are very filial to me. Therefore, in the eyes of others, I live a very happy life without any demands.But it was not until I met my nephew’s classmate, Li Qiang, that I realized that I was not a man without desires.Cardiac actually started again, the two of us just like their elders and young players in the chat, didn’t go to the side, but I also have no scruples so much, just because when I was young is the same of the work and li qiang, and li qiang, only an intern, so all aspects of things all don’t understand, before my nephew said I is doing in this area,He asked my nephew for my contact.And I started and say “hello” is also very polite, this is my first impression of his, and I was in line with a responsible attitude to elders, teach him what you know, he is also very grateful to me, so the time will give me to buy some snacks, in fact, I don’t sent this little thing, but the feeling of being concerned about is also quite good,So I didn’t reject it.With long time, the son also between both of us it is not just limited to some knowledge, but started poking fun at each other, or are concerned about each other’s life, li qiang, like a small sun, light up my life again, also let me know although I already old, but there are some things is not just young people can do, such as singing,Fall in love or something.Yes, that’s the case. After chatting with him for a long time, I always felt that I was in love. Moreover, Li Qiang was also very concerned about my physical condition and paid attention to my mood all the time.This is totally different from my current husband, who is a very honest and honest man who is not flexible in everything. In all the years we have been together, he has never made me feel romantic or considerate. Some of them only seem to be daily necessities or trivial matters.So slowly, I began to have a good impression of Li Qiang, and involuntarily compared li Qiang with my current husband in my heart, I like Li Qiang more than my current husband, sometimes I even wonder why my husband is not Li Qiang?Why li Qiang and my age difference so big?However, later I found that not only DID I have a crush on Li Qiang, but his concern for me seemed to have gone beyond the normal range of a junior’s concern for his elders, so I began to test Li Qiang.Under the temptation of I, li qiang, finally admitted he is really good feeling to me, and heard it for the first time, my heart is very big doubts, because I don’t believe a young man can I look at the old people, so for Li Qiangde feelings, I have always been a dubious manner.Later, Li Qiang seemed to be pushed by me, or maybe he was annoyed by my suspicion, so he simply met me and prepared a very grand confession for me, and said a lot of sweet words. Just think what would you do if you met such a situation?Anyway, I did not resist any behavior, agreed to Li Qiang’s pursuit.Then, Li Qiang and I opened a room like a couple, and what should and shouldn’t happen happened.And just like that, I betrayed my husband.Afterwards, I also knew that my behavior was very wrong, but I could not control myself, I think people have the right to pursue true love no matter how old, so I began to convince myself, my heart is no longer guilty.At first, I didn’t want to divorce, because such love is not easy to be blessed by others. Moreover, I’m not sure whether Li Qiang really loves me or just on a whim.But later, li qiang in a date, we complain about why I have promised to his pursuit, but did not divorce, asked me if I really like him, or are you just playing with his feelings, see li qiang so carefully, and the appearance of the humble, I very love dearly, so back to home, and her husband filed for divorce.And the next day, I also got divorced, and then got the marriage certificate with Li Qiang.After marrying Li Qiang, I was filled with happy expectations that li Qiang would give me a better life, but the results were often unsatisfactory.On the second day of our marriage, Li Qiang began to ask me for money, in a very bad tone. Of course, I refused, but then one of his actions completely broke my heart, because Li Qiang slapped my face and said to me, “Who do you think you are?Don’t you know why I married you?I advise you not to be a toastmaster, and now I’m willing to talk to you is to give you face, you don’t make us too embarrassed.”I was completely shocked by li Qiang’s words and action. Then I asked Him incredulously, “You didn’t say we were in true love, but what are you doing now?Have I been deceived in all my previous words and actions?”Li Qiang sneered and said, “Of course I cheated you. I never thought you would be fooled so easily at your age.When I first approached you, IT was true THAT I wanted to learn something, but then I found you were quite rich, and you seemed to have feelings for me, so I told you what you wanted.”Exasperated, I called my nephew and asked him why Li Qiang was such a person, but my nephew began to blame me: “Is he the only one to blame for this?Who would have known that at your age, you still have such a heart, and also divorced, do you feel like an elder?You have the nerve to call me today, I have to tell you straight?Your behavior has made us all sick, so don’t bother us with any more phone calls.”Then the nephew hung up the phone.I froze in place and realized that I had lost someone close to me and that I had no one to blame but myself.When I went to bed at night, Li Qiang proposed to sleep in separate rooms with me. At this time, I also saw li Qiang’s real face clearly. I didn’t want to be in theory, but I just agreed to his suggestion.In this way, has been living for a month, I am very regret, I think he is in the pursuit of true love, so we chose the old cow eat young grass, but until now, I just understand oneself how far wrong, and I miss that honesty duty of husband, but night after night I had called him, but he has pulled me into the blacklist.I didn’t expect that at 50, I would be able to put my previously happy life to shame. It’s ridiculous.King had a beautiful happy marriage and family, but in the process of getting along with li qiang, went to Li Qiangyou feeling, also began to test the li qiang, and cheating, even in the end, and her husband divorce, hasty and Li Qiangling marriage certificate, and in the second day of the marriage, Li Qiangde face was exposed, king also completely shocked the beautiful,Later, two people also began to sleep in separate rooms, and finally Wang Meili also regretted.In daily life, we always think that they are very smart, not easy to be cheated, but now the cheater has evolved, and more and more sophisticated, some can even guess your mind, so as long as you have a little slack, or is not determined, it is particularly easy to be cheated by the other side.The same is true in relationships, we always think what we encounter is true love, but every moment of our heart is just planned for a long time, so in relationships, we should be more vigilant, should not trust others at will.Although love is regardless of age, but after encountering things, we should also have the ability to think independently, we should think about why the other side just like yourself?Are you really that good?Topic of the day: Have you ever seen an older girl eating younger?Leave a comment and tell us what you think.