“It is!, I can not accept the bank financial management three points!

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Bank financial management was recently scolded miserably, investors said: some R2 are also below the net value, among them hui win Add profit 4 has expired redemption, loss 2000 yuan, let a person speechless.Once the capital protection product – bank financial management also began to cut leek?Is it still worth buying?Investors can’t stand the three points of bank financing. First, risk and return are not equal.Logically speaking, the risk of bank financial management varies from R1 to R5. R1 should have the lowest risk, while R2 should also have limited risk.But now, R2 financial products below the net value, the amount of loss is not small, the bank to break just into a “certain loss”, is not responsible?Banks just make management fees and commissions?Some investors said, “It’s not that I can’t accept the loss, but I can’t accept the low yield and high risk. The expected yield is less than 3%, but the loss is 20%. Just buy fund stocks..Second, the closed period can not exit.Investors think: the loss does not matter, the loss can not stop the loss to leave just let a person despair.Many closed period of financial management are in 12 months or more, it is not optimistic about the future market, but can not timely stop loss.Especially after net value of conduct financial transactions is changed, bank conduct financial transactions resembles fund, can see account change everyday, but inside close period you cannot sell namely, can look at account deficit only, what mood is this?Third, how to calculate the net value of financial management?Fund net value is calculated according to the fluctuation of stock price namely, still calculate transparent, how is the net value of bank finance calculated?Should banks not give their customers an explanation for their losses?Generally speaking, banks have problems in product design, risk control, personnel construction, personal responsibility, information transparency, exit transfer mechanism and other aspects. It is irresponsible to directly burden customers with bad investment results.Is banking still worth buying?In the case of the recent double killing of stocks and bonds in the market, part of the bank financing is broken, after such a change in the bank financing is still worth buying?First, bank finance is still the most stable choice.Most bank financial products are fixed income and fixed income + products, and the investment strategy is based on absolute return.The clients of bank financial management are those with low risk tolerance. The main goal of investment managers is to make money for the clients and try to earn a certain income on the premise of ensuring the safety of the principal.Relatively cautious in investment, investment target asset rating is high.Bank financial management volatility is small, quickly fill retreat.At present, financial management will also lose, even a lot of losses, but the dwarf in the high child, the risk of financial management is at least less than most funds and stocks.Second, the profitability of bank financial management is better than deposit products.Since the new rules of asset management, financial products no longer promise to guarantee capital and earnings.However, in terms of actual payment, the yield of medium-low risk financial products is much higher than the deposit interest rate in the same period.For example, cash management products, at any time purchase redemption, the current income is basically around 3%, the current deposit interest rate is only 0.3%.One-year wealth management product performance benchmarks are around 4 per cent, while one-year deposit rates are less than 2 per cent.Third, bank financial management meets the needs of investors.From the perspective of investment types, bank financial products cover fixed income, hybrid and equity.From the term, there are cash management T+0 products, T+1 products, there are 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days short term products, there are one year, three years, five years of long term products.It can meet investors’ different risk preferences and investment needs of different capital terms.In general, the recent double killing of stocks and bonds belongs to the extreme market, only to the current market to the bank finance “score” “judgment” is not fair, in fact, the current loss of bank finance is not absolute loss, the end of the closed period or may be profitable.