Huangtian Township: Clear roadblocks to ensure smooth flow

2022-07-18 0 By

“Feed, huangtian township government, 001 county road Yangshan group section was blocked by stones, can not pass, you quickly to deal with.””Ok, we will be there to deal with it.”Influenced by precipitation a few days ago, the mountain rocks loose rolling down to she County Huangtian Township Hu Port village 001 county road, seriously affecting the road.On the morning of March 30, the township government staff rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the report.”Evacuate the surrounding people, first pull the cordon, both sides temporarily do not release.”Wu Liquan, the deputy township head, is organizing the disposal work on the spot. He leads village cadres to the place where the rocks are loose to carry out the evacuation operation, and contact the mobilization of loaders and garbage trucks to clean up. In less than 40 minutes, the road has been restored.Recently, Huangtian township to quickly implement the province to improve the work style for the private practical for enterprise excellent environment conference spirit, with the start is sprint, start is decisive battle, turn around to implement the working attitude, and constantly improve the quality of service for the people and efficiency, to high-spirited work attitude to create new work results.