Does network anchor need management?Become the Internet’s top priority

2022-07-18 0 By

With the development and popularity of the Internet, many people like to watch all kinds of online videos, and prefer to watch some anchors.In particular, there are some female anchors on the network, even in this environment, there are some male anchors also rely on their talent and appearance level to get a lot of money.It is understood that female anchors are more popular in the live broadcasting industry at present, because they broadcast online and shoot small videos to gain the support of fans by virtue of their high appearance level and enchanting figure.Many male fans also reward female anchors to get their attention. Male fans use gifts to reward female anchors to increase their relationship with them, and some even meet offline to have some relationship.In this way, the female anchor gets money benefits, and the male fans also meet some needs and satisfy.Some fans even spend all their monthly wages to reward the anchorwoman, and they can only eat instant noodles to maintain their lives. There are many such people in real life, just to get the favor of the anchorwoman.In order to get large rewards, female anchors will make some actions that fans like and start acting spoiled when broadcasting, just to win gifts.For example: some time ago, there appeared a real version of “painted skin” female anchor on the network. After the live broadcast, the female anchor began to remove makeup without closing the camera. The female anchor directly lifted a human skin mask from her neck.Viewers posted the video on the Internet, causing a stir.Many people say that they have broken their understanding of the three views. They thought that “painted skin” only appeared in movies and TV shows, but they never thought they could meet it in real life.Some fans said: I will never trust the female anchors on the network again, it is too terrible.Some male anchors also take advantage of the popularity of female fans by cheating them out of gifts.For example: a platform “ladle brother” has 6 million fans, was exposed by his own list of a big sister, “ladle brother” every pk will contact the list of a big sister brush gift, let yourself win the game.The elder sister would also transfer money to ladle brother in private.Just to get closer to the male anchor.In fact, these anchors on the network all have their own teams. They master the psychological changes of fans, make them consume through various ways, and finally harvest the money in fans’ pockets by themselves. This is their purpose.The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) once banned a large number of bad anchors in order to purify the network environment, but many anchors still committed crimes against the wind and used all kinds of means in order to make money for themselves.I believe that in the near future, such anchors will not appear on the network, because the network is not outside the law, as long as the law will be punished by the law.Have you ever given gifts while watching a live webcast?You can comment together.Like friends remember to pay attention to forwarding points like collection, I am Mr. Li.