Destroyer 05, BYD’s battle across the river

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On April 23, 1949, on the third day of the great battle of crossing the Yangtze River, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) captured Nanjing, and on the same day, the PLA’s first naval unit was established in Baima Temple township near the Yangtze River in Tai County, Jiangsu Province (Taizhou City).The simultaneous battle across the River became the cornerstone of the establishment of new China.Since then, the New China’s navy has been on the stage of history.Here, we have to mention the new China’s first missile destroyer 105 “Jinan”, which was launched on December 12, 1971. It was the largest surface combat vessel developed by China at that time.Since then, it has become the main capital ship of the Chinese Navy’s surface vessels, with epoch-making historical significance, and 105 has also left a figure on many important historical occasions.Many years later, there is also a Chinese independent research and development with super hybrid technology model BYD Destroyer 05 on the market. This model pays tribute to the 105 Marine warship series first model, bearing the technological dream of BYD, but also bearing the dream of Chinese cars trying to change the world in the plug-in technology.Dm-i is rolling forward the wheel of full flowering history.The people of New China live and work in peace and contentment. The country is prosperous and strong. Various industrial industries have grown from scratch, including the automobile industry, which started from scratch and finally gained a firm foothold in the world.However, the market for technology over the years, although the market has achieved prosperity, but failed to achieve the synchronous progress of technology.However, The Times are always making progress, with the development and growth of the domestic new energy vehicle market, the pure electric vehicle market has gradually become a magic weapon for Chinese automobile manufacturing to change lanes and overtake.But this is a long-term process, and the market still needs a technology that can coexist with fuel cars and electric cars for a long time to finally meet the real needs of consumers.At this time, BYD DM-I super hybrid technology suddenly born, from the beginning of the Era of Chinese technology alone in the world.At one time, Toyota’s hybrid technology was the best in the world, but after Honda came up with a hybrid system, it directly evaded Toyota’s hybrid patent and even surpassed Toyota in terms of power performance.Toyota was caught off guard.The Wolf has a winning game when the shepherds quarrel.When Shuangtian dominated hybrid technology for more than a decade, Chinese car companies quietly coveted, seemingly powerless.Until the night of January 11, 2021, In Shenzhen, BYD offered wang Zha — this explosion, blew out BYD’s unique super hybrid technology, but also opened the prelude of Chinese car companies to surpass multinational car companies in hybrid technology.Byd has been working on the technology for nearly two decades, if you account for the fact that it invested heavily in plug-in hybrid systems back in 2003.But it can be said that until last year, BYD DM-I models have been released, it began its siege, invincible road to victory.The qin PLUS DM-I, Song PLUS DM-I, Song MAX DM-I, Tang DM-I and the han DM-I and HAN DM-P that will be on the market one after another make BYD’s super hybrid technology blossom in an instant, almost covering all existing models.And generally waiting for a car for three months, no concessions of the spectacular scene, more let The Chinese car market collective excited.The destroyer 05, which has been listed recently, is the first sedan of BYD Marine warship series. It is fully equipped with BYD DM-I super hybrid technology, and the price is 119,800 ~ 155,800 yuan after comprehensive subsidies.This technology can achieve 3.8L/100km ultra-low fuel consumption, full of oil and full of electricity over 1200 km comprehensive endurance, oil prices soar, I believe that such endurance, such fuel consumption, so that the DESTROYER 05 equipped with DM-I super hybrid technology is bound to hit the order.This BYD DM-I super hybrid drive system is composed of core components such as snapcloud-plug-in special 1.5L high efficiency engine with thermal efficiency up to 43.04%, EHS electric hybrid system and DM-I special power blade battery. The maximum motor efficiency of EHS electric hybrid system can reach 97.5%.With the integrated efficiency of 98.5% IGBT4.0 electric control, destroyer 05 can realize the driving mode of “electricity-based, oil-supplemented”.At the same time, coupled with the DM-I special power blade battery, safe and efficient match the dM-I system charge and discharge requirements.The 120km endurance version of destroyer 05 also adds VTOL mobile power station, 17kW DC fast charging port and other functions, making camping, lawn concert and other car scenes more abundant.The addition of a 12.8-inch adaptive rotating hover Pad (the top model is larger, at 15.6 inches) and an 8.8-inch LCD dashboard, as well as a knob-mounted gear shift, all add a sense of technology.In addition, LED daily running lights, keyless entry, TPMS direct tire pressure monitoring, one-button start, automatic air conditioning, rear air outlet, cruise control, external rearview mirror electric adjustment + heating, etc., full of technology.DiLink intelligent network system of BYD supports intelligent voice interaction, karaoke mode, vehicle OTA remote upgrade + intelligent cloud service;DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system, including active braking, lane keeping, adaptive cruise, pedestrian recognition/protection and other leading intelligent driver assistance functions, are more in line with the needs of young people.Destroyer 05 is the latest product created by Haiyang for young consumers, but it won’t be too young and cute for female users like Marine animal series such as Seal. Haiyang Warship is bound to shoulder the responsibility of enhancing the reputation of BYD’s “young” works by more young male consumer groups.So far, destroyer 05 has done just that.Cherry observation destroyer 05 and Qin PLUS DM-I will form a joint force new energy vehicle market is huge, huge to like the vast sea, can hold all kinds of warships.But for the domestic market, from the traditional fuel to pure electric era must go through a mixing period, this transition period will be very long, so now the fire of mixing technology can also tolerate a number of car companies swallow and nibble.From the technical point of view, hybrid technology has high barriers for many car companies, especially for new car forces, which are difficult to overcome in the short term.This technology involves two sets of electric and fuel systems, and has higher requirements on the accumulation of internal combustion engine technology, which is exactly byd’s long board of technology, which makes BYD DM-I hybrid technology have sufficient product competitiveness and market scarcity in the current market environment.Of course, the dM-I hybrid model has no battery life anxiety because of its “can be electric” characteristic, which also enables models equipped with DM-I technology to be able to buy in the first and second tier cities, but also to quickly start volume in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities, especially in line with the overall national conditions of the current charging infrastructure is not perfect.Therefore, from the perspective of a-class car market, under the dM-I technology addition, destroyer 05 will undoubtedly form A joint force and double insurance with Qin PLUS DM-I, occupying 100,000-150,000 yuan car market together.From the point of view of BYD ocean series, the dolphin listed earlier, oriented to the entry-level market, and the destroyer 05 can not only quickly go volume, but also to enhance the image of the ocean series, optimize the product matrix has more important value.From a certain point of view, dynasty series lays the overall image of BYD high-end models, and destroyer 05 is the first and most important work to improve the brand image of BYD Ocean network, and its role is also irreplaceable.To some extent, destroyer 05 is just like BYD’s battle across the river, which not only aims to realize byd’s younger users, but also to realize the expectations of more young users for quality, technology and intelligent integration.Can destroyer 05 successfully cross the river this time?-END-