Beijing Chaoyang has 5 closed control areas, 2 control areas and 6 temporary control areas, involving the following locations

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On April 6, the 301st press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing was held.Beijing Youth Daily learned from the meeting that Zhu Sheng, member of the Standing Committee of chaoyang District Committee and deputy Head of Chaoyang District, briefed the local epidemic prevention and control work.As of 16:00 on April 6, there were 2 new confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic infected person in Chaoyang District. Both of them were close contacts under centralized control and were associated with Wangjing SOHO Xiaojingege Clothing Store.Based on the latest flow investigation and nucleic acid test results, and after comprehensive evaluation, temporary control was carried out on No. 52 Jiuxianqiao Road, where The Beijing Alle Infant Nursery is located, and the staff and visitors during the period of infection risk were treated as high-risk personnel.Up to now, Chaoyang District has 5 containment areas, 2 control areas, 6 temporary control areas and 4 prevention areas.In the next step, risk will be further assessed based on the flow investigation and nucleic acid test results, and corresponding prevention and control measures will be taken.At yesterday’s press conference, Chaoyang District has demarcated relevant control and containment areas based on the previous epidemic situation:Building no. 308, Area 3, Wangjing West Garden, Wangjing Street, No.384, Jinzhan West Village, Jinzhan Township and the surrounding self-built areas are 22 households in total. The area from row 19 to row 25 of bungalows of Jiuxianqiao 2nd Street, Jiuxianqiao Street Road, and Building no. 180 and 24, Feijia Village, Cuigezhuang Township are designated as the closed control area, implementing “regional closure, staying indoors and door-to-door service”.Feijia Village, Cuigezhuang Township, except for the lock-in control area, other areas (row 1 to 18 and 27) of the bungalow of Jiuxianqiao 2nd Street, Jiuxianqiao Street, are designated as the lock-in control area. Building 137, Nanhu West Garden, Wangjing Street, Unit 10, Building 19, Huajiadi Community, Building 203, Jijingqinyuan,Building 301 to 311 (except building 308) in Wangjing West Garden Area 3, and other areas of Jinzhan West Village (except the containment area), “people are not allowed to leave the area and gathering is strictly prohibited”.After 14 days, nucleic acid test will be carried out, and the nucleic acid test result is negative, the control measures can be lifted.In addition, wangjing SOHO underground floor and tower 1, tower 2, tower 3 are simultaneously designated as temporary control area.Wangjing Street wangjing West Garden Area 3 (except closed control area, temporary control area), Jiuxianqiao Street Jiuxianqiao 2nd Block except bungalow area other areas, Jinzhan East Village, Xiaodian village jinzhan Township, And Dongxidian Village Cuigezhuang Township are designated as prevention areas, “strengthen social meeting control, strictly restrict people gathering”.Wangjing Experimental School of Chen Jinglun Middle School branch in Wangjing West Garden area 3, Pan-American Kindergarten wangjing Park, students and children do not return to school temporarily.Nucleic acid tests will be carried out on the first, fourth and seventh days from April 4. After three negative tests, students can return to school on April 11.Article/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang Ruojing editor/MAO Yu