Audi RS E-tron GT high performance and high configuration, much loved

2022-07-18 0 By

Recently, the audi coupe series have always is famous for its high performance in automobile market, even if has a high price, but do not affect the favour of broad consumer, after all, who want to experience a fast and furious, audi RS e – tron GT as audi’s a pure electric car run, is also very good complied with the popular trend of now.So what are the other advantages of audi RS E-tron GT?Let’s take a look at it.When it comes to car models, we may think of Porsche. In fact, this positioning pure electric four-door GT Audi RS E-tron GT is also built from the standard Porsche Taycan. It is the high-performance flagship coupe in audi’s current pure electric product sequence, and its appearance design is quite radical.The car features Audi’s signature hexagonal mesh and enclosed design.At the same time, audi RS E-tron GT has a very low side visual center of gravity and a very slender body with a wheelbase of 2900mm.The roof line slides from behind the b-pillar and continues to the rear of the car, creating a sexy slapback.The cross-cutting taillight design also further reduces the visual center of gravity of the rear, and the bright black diffuser under the rear bumper is extremely exaggerated.The exterior design of this car is quite radical.The interior design of Audi RS E-tron GT is high-end and rich in technological configuration. Compared with the appearance and styling design of cars, the interior design of Audi RS E-tron GT is more in line with the current car purchasing needs of consumers.The interior design of Audi RS E-tron GT combines more daily practicality and texture. The hugging cockpit design also brings drivers a more convenient driving experience. It is well-structured and the functional layout is clear and orderly, creating a more humanized human-computer interaction space.And in all things at times, the function of auto intelligent snatched application is essential, audi RS e – tron GT with intelligent snatched system, can through the voice control inside the car and mobile phone APP or authorized after the sound box remote control vehicle start, such as air conditioning setting and the door unlocked, such as in the winter before going out to start the car air conditioning in advance,As long as you say to the intelligent, you can enjoy the warm driving environment at the first time when you get on the bus, making your driving experience more high-end and high-tech.The connotation and performance of Audi RS E-TRON GT is also reflected in ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers. The driving safety of users is our primary consideration.In order to protect the safety of drivers and passengers, this car adopts many advanced technologies, equipped with many intelligent systems.For example, this car is equipped with “long distance travel” (including ACC and traffic identification signs), “Urban Road Condition” (including 360° precautionary safety system), “parking assistance” system (including automatic parking, 360° panoramic image) and head-up display.All driver assistance systems are controlled by the Central Drive Assistance Controller (zFAS), and accurate models of the surrounding environment of the vehicle are established based on the calculation of sensor data to achieve the driving assistance function.These advanced technology for users to travel escort, let everyone worry!To sum up, the Audi RS E-tron GT is a luxury coupe with great connotations. Its performance completely exceeds that of its peers. Choosing this all-electric four-door coupe is the right choice for your car purchase!