Xiapu Couplets (Series 62)

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Xiapu couplet works (series 62) Xiapu Couplet association United States domain high song integrity song in capital brand poem —- fujian in Yin Real estate Development Co., LTD. Achievements binghua City, Minjiang Jiexing macro industry;Long Xiapu, red shore kui show heroic.Yong minus a thousand catties, sincere take righteousness;The right way makes money.Responsibility first win reputation;Brand to Acer.Ouyang Xiongzhen design, material, guan Guan yan, ensure safety first;Construction department, sales department, part of serious, especially quality priority.Good faith management, careful design, so that residents healthy and comfortable;Safety first, quality first, for songcheng beautification win glory.Emphasizing quality, advocating civilization, creating a healthy environment;Offer enthusiasm, honor reputation, build green home.Zheng Yiqiu wrote Nanning bamboo shore macro open beautiful scenery;Tall buildings stand in Cangshan, Fujian Province.Flickering high-rise xing red shore;The great cause of prosperity is flourishing.Deng Qiwei built the wall long building in zhongyin;The people settled down in their new homes.Responsibility is the first wish of private enterprises;Brand first, peace of mind.Zhang Jinhua write brand power, quality foundation, look beauty building high industry prosperous;The family is one, the brothers are entrepreneurial, the right time, the right place.Zhongguan Flower city, the ground chu high-rise beauty;Western honor products, brilliant green grass.Xie Hengquan wrote the Party as the backbone of the hundred people dream is kyushu Finger lamp — to commemorate the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Party (in order to mark the family name), the great country is undying, there are many trees as the model, Yulu as the model, sixty years of solid work strong state, good!China is prosperous, see meng Lei save, guandong give up himself, after 90 bear dream, true cattle!Lotus Fu South Lake, a boat full of qiqiuye;Dawn beidou, all nationalities with ten thousand daoguang.Go to Beijing to take an exam, two must be engraved;Governance kuang people, a dream revival entangle brain.Crack periodic law, there is a sword hanging, three stricts three solid long spur;To carry forward our values, we must work together with one heart and one mind.Communist, faith is engraved on my heart, practice yan Shi Zhi especially strong;People’s public servants, feelings than the month, adhere to the incorruptible products from high.Wang Jianxian wrote long March drive the old system;Thousands of lines of industrial exhibition Ming.Red flag sweep thousands of ugly;The new policies are in full bloom.Borrow ancient mirror now strong ridge;Welcome new revolution old strong people soul.The south Lake singeing and burning night;Zunyi red flag shines for nine days.Southern tour guidance, Jiangshan Heavy Huancai;Beidou brilliant, the country by Qian ‘an.Wang Shichuan from