“Manhattan” is back for a sequel.Walking down the aisle as a princess

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Disney classic film “Manhattan” (the Enchanted) believes everyone not unfamiliar, must be the combination of 2 d animation live-action movie, released in 2007 caused a sensation, the acclaimed and set the global $340 million at the box office, until today to discuss degree is still quite high, the durable can be said to be a classic.Amy Adams played the lead role of Princess Giselle perfect interpretation of this naive romantic silly white sweet princess, she also because of this film won a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a motion Picture musical or comedy, since the popularity of the open!The sequel to “Manhattan” will not only return Amy Adams as Giselle, but it will also be released on Disney+.Colors in Manhattan, Amy Adams played in succession from old layout, leader of the century “, “as good”, “alien entry” and so on well-known film, but six degrees and Oscar, and especially for her “alien entry” was also nominated for an Oscar, the British film academy award and golden globe actress nominations, unexpectedly lose,Even the director is very sad, fans are distressed and disappointed.In addition, Amy Adams has also starred in Superman: Hero of Steel, Batman vs Superman:Dawn of justice “, “justice alliance”, show the superman’s girl friend in the three films job, llane, delicate beauty impressive ~ she and Henry cavill attended public has always attracted the attention of all, attractive combination of high level appearance too foul ~ when take sport very two people have the spark,In an interview, Emilia Downs said that acting with Henry Cavill was a lot of fun and the two often laughed together!Amy Adams, 47, has been dubbed the princess of the year for her stunning figure and pretty face, and she never leaves the red carpet without attracting the spotlight.Amy Adams is such a beautiful and powerful actress. If everything goes well, you can expect Manhattan to be released this year