Wu Haiyu investigated the establishment of trade unions in Yuhang District to expand the coverage of the organization and activate vitality

2022-07-16 0 By

Yuhang Morning News the day before, wu Haiyu, vice chairman of the provincial federation of trade unions, and his party came to our district to investigate the establishment of trade unions.Zhang Jianshen, vice chairman of the city federation of trade unions, shen Hongxiang, vice director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress and chairman of the District Federation of trade Unions attended.On the symposium, cainiao group as the representative of the trade union organization in the field of new forms of business made a speech.Cainiao Group trade Union Federation was established in December 2021. The independent establishment of cainiao Group trade union is not only an important measure to adhere to party building and mass building, but also meets the endogenous needs of the Group to pursue the modernization of corporate governance system.Cainiao Group labor Union not only performs its duties and routine work well, but also sets up an experience Committee for cainiao employees based on the characteristics of the industry. 15 “second students” from various positions have become members of the first experience Committee to represent front-line employees.Yuhang District Federation of Trade Unions firmly set up the concept of “all the work of trade unions starts from the establishment, the establishment is the first responsibility of trade union cadres”, with practical and solid measures to promote the establishment of trade unions.At present, there are 1,873 trade unions in the region, including 1,622 single trade unions, 251 combined trade unions (covering 6,868 units), 14 town and street (platform) trade unions and 36 bureau system trade unions.Among them, Zhejiang Zhengbei Logistics Co., Ltd. was selected as the province’s first batch of freight logistics drivers to join the pilot enterprises, dream town was selected as the province’s group reform pilot.Wu Haiyu affirmed the work of establishing yuhang trade union.She pointed out that the work of trade unions and the development of enterprises are in the same direction, with one heart and one mind, and in the same boat. She hoped that the two levels of federation of trade unions in urban areas would further strengthen the guidance of the establishment of trade unions in enterprises, strengthen the systematic thinking of trade union work, give better play to the participation of workers, and implement the high efficiency of work.