The key to realize “Dynamic Zero Clearance” is “Prevention”

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On a national level, the epidemic prevention and control situation is getting significantly better.At present, some areas have organized, planned and sub-regional “unlock-down” to gradually restore the normal order of production and life, and the temporary tension of the masses has also calmed down.But that doesn’t mean “let it all go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go.”This understanding is prone to paralysis and war weariness, and even lead to “artificial out of control”.It is dangerous and extremely wrong to have this kind of negative mindset.Epidemic prevention and control is a dynamic process that changes according to the situation of the epidemic as it rebounds, is complex and unpredictable.But the constant core is “prevent”, this is the hard truth of thunder not to move.Only by keeping the strings of epidemic prevention and control firmly in place, keeping a clear head and ensuring strict control, thorough control, solid implementation and no loopholes can we achieve a “dynamic zero-out” and make epidemic prevention and control a scientific, standardized, law-based, regular and long-term mechanism.Since March this year, in the face of the severe situation of multiple counter-attacks, frequent outbreaks and extensive impact, local governments have taken effective emergency response measures in a timely manner and mobilized officials and the general public to work together to fight against the epidemic, thus effectively controlling the prevention and control of the epidemic.However, the more to the “dawn, victory in sight” sprint, the more we must concentrate, fight to the end, win the victory, never relax “retreat”, never for “break defense”.More than two years of war “epidemic” struggle practice tells us that only the “live”, to consolidate expand unceasingly, achieve “dynamic reset”, then to protect people’s life and health security and social steady, to comprehensively deepen reform, expand opening to the outside world, accelerate the construction of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics the escort!At present and for some time to come, the task of “preventing imports from abroad, preventing domestic rebound” and “dynamic zero-out” remains arduous. We must focus on the following three aspects: First, we must focus on key points.The remarkable feature of this year’s epidemic is the sharp increase in asymptomatic cases, the rapid spread of the virus, and the wide spread of the epidemic, posing a new challenge to this round of epidemic prevention and control.If you want to “prevent”, first of all to good “entrance”.Scientific setting and building a solid external input of the “firewall” “moat”.For those who come from overseas and high-risk areas, we should grasp the health and travel information as soon as possible, analyze and target key groups, and ensure that no one is missed and tracked to the end.Once it is found that there is close contact or sub-close contact, resolute isolation control measures shall be taken.The second is to tightly control the containment area.On the basis of scientific research and judgment, it is better to spend more money, but also to strictly follow the regulations of closed control, so as to “stay at home”.At the same time, we need to do a good job in emotional relief, psychological adjustment and services to ensure that the epidemic does not spread.Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, baths, squares, theaters and other public places with a large flow of people, which are prone to “cluster” infection, should be strengthened supervision and strictly guarded.Second, we will strengthen our weak links.There should be no loopholes in epidemic prevention and control.As the saying goes, a big needle can leak through a big wind.That should serve as a wake-up call.Objectively speaking, there are still some shortcomings and weak links in this round of epidemic prevention and control, and local governments are well aware of them.Therefore, we should turn the outbreak as a mirror, according to the problems, find bugs, find out short, quick filling, loopholes, strengthen weaknesses, doing everything possible to block all one thousand rebound may cause outbreaks of “hole”, thin thin to make old-age of prevention and control measures, must not fall short, unthreatening, make the prevention and control of hard-won gains!Third, strike a balance.Today, epidemic prevention and control has entered the hearts of the people and is becoming a normal state.To coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, xi called for unswervingly pursuing both.We should protect the lives, health and safety of the people and promote economic and social development at the same time.One must not lose the other.The need to strike a balance between epidemic prevention and control and development and stability is a severe test for our leadership at all levels to be able to govern, fend off all kinds of risks, and improve the capacity of modern grassroots governance.We must make qualified answers that satisfy the Party and the people in the great war examination.At present, according to the specific situation of the gradual elimination of the epidemic, some regions have implemented the control measures of gradually “unsealing”.Therefore, some of the people who have not yet been unsealed are feeling unstable and anxious. This is understandable and should be understood.In this regard, we should remain calm and rational and give priority to the overall situation.At present, we must adopt precise management thinking, adhere to differentiated prevention and control measures at different regions and levels, assess the situation and take targeted measures, and improve the “resilience” of epidemic prevention and control and the “implementation” of policy provisions.Only in this way can “prevention and control” be achieved, both prevention and control and development be achieved, and “double victory” be won!(Xu Guiyuan)