The Chinese side finally directly issued a “fine”, and the enterprises cried bitterly: “8 years of efforts in vain”

2022-07-16 0 By

Lithuania is known for its international activism, courting other countries into “confrontation” with China.Earlier this month, Lithuania’s foreign minister made contact with Australia, and Landsberges lashed out at China and Russia in a speech at Australia’s National Press Club, calling them “saboteurs of the international order” and calling for the whole world to fight against them, reported Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People’s Daily online.However, Lithuania was also severely refuted by China for this practice and paid a painful price.Moreover, many businesses in Lithuania are despairing at what the Nowseda government is doing!According to media reports, China has suspended the acceptance of import declarations for Lithuanian beef shipped after February 9.According to the Lithuanian side, relevant departments of Lithuania have received notification from China on the same day.This also means that since February 9th, the road of Lithuanian beef export to China has been directly closed!In fact, Lithuania had only one frozen beef exporter left to China.The company says the closure of the channel has brought great loss to the company and also to Lithuania.Because it took them eight years to find this plan to cooperate with China.But now, it’s all gone!Lithuania has been looking for a helping hand ever since it fell out with China.After the EU crumbled, Lithuania turned to Australia, and the two countries hit it off and are now in cahoots!Lithuania and Australia, also as the “little brother” of the United States, have the same attitude towards China, which is very extreme.Now they are colluding with each other, maliciously hyping up China, and making serious and negative remarks about China, which have affected the Chinese side.But again, they don’t get anything for themselves!The Strong response of the Chinese Foreign Ministry to China’s suspension of the declaration of Lithuanian beef imports has drawn wide attention from the international community, and many media have reported on this matter in various aspects.But in the end, it’s not a big deal, because China imports a huge amount of beef every year, and Lithuania is only a very, very small part of it. There’s not much difference between having beef and not having beef!However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded anyway. When asked about the relevant information released by the General Administration of Customs, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that he would refer you to the General Administration of Customs for further information.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu net