Ukraine to join NATO?Putin spoke out forcefully, to Macron’s face a red line: dare to move to fight

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Entering 2022, the international situation is still not peaceful.Because of the intervention of the United States and NATO countries, the situation between Russia and Ukraine is on the verge of breaking out.French President Emmanuel Macron has headed to Moscow for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin amid the tense border situation between Russia and Ukraine, Chinanews reported recently.As is known to all, the russia-Ukraine situation is not only an issue between Russia and Ukraine, but a disagreement between Russia and western countries.The United States and NATO countries have repeatedly put pressure on Putin to defend Ukraine.Talks between Russia and the West aimed at easing the situation have ended with no real progress.While the United States and Britain are sending more troops to Ukraine, France’s performance is surprising.Putin met visiting French President Emmanuel Macron in Moscow on Feb 7 to exchange views on tensions in Europe and Ukraine, foreign media reported.Macron’s visit to Moscow at a crucial moment sends an unusual signal.After the meeting, Mr. Putin said forcefully that If Ukraine went ahead with joining NATO and tried to take back Crimea militarily, European countries would be drawn into a military conflict.Putin drew a red line in Macron’s face, banning NATO countries from agreeing to Ukraine’s membership of the alliance.Ukraine has been seeking NATO membership for years, something Russia hates most.If Ukraine did join NATO, it would be bad for Russia, so Putin has been blocking it.Moreover, in recent years, NATO has continued to expand eastward, seriously threatening Russia’s territorial security, putin must make a strong counterattack.From this meeting with Macron, Russia’s red line is very clear: Ukraine’s membership of NATO is not negotiable, otherwise European countries will be drawn into a war with Russia.The two leaders talked about NATO and Ukraine, with Putin playing hardball.Europe’s relations with Russia would remain as they are, and some co-operation could go on, if Europe did not try to cosy up Ukraine and stop meddling in Crimea.It could get complicated if Europe pushes past the red lines that Russia has drawn, which it always does.According to the insider analysis, Macron’s visit to Moscow, or a certain sincerity, but also to ease the tension between Russia and Ukraine border to go.If Mr Macron’s trip can lead to a thaw in NATO’s relations with Russia, thereby cooling tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border, that will be good news for him and boost his popularity at home.Disclaimer: This article is created by “times interpretation”, pictures source network, if there is infringement, please contact us.Part of the news reference source: China News network